TechBinder wins 5G Hub Innovation Challenge


TechBinder is the jury winner of the second edition of the 5G Hub Innovation Challenge at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The innovative solution using 5G was praised by the jury for its future prospects and sustainable impact.

TechBinder wins a co-creation programme from the 5G Hub and partners to further develop this groundbreaking idea. The aim of this competition is to make a sustainable impact on society with the application of the solution.

Today, six start-ups and scale-ups presented 5G solutions for sustainability issues during the final. From wireless laser technology, healthier cities, metaverse (XR), saving energy in buildings to using drones for monitoring and mapping out ships’ energy consumption.

Jury member Andy Lürling: “As a jury, we unanimously agree on the winner. We looked in particular at the sustainable element and its relationship with 5G, as well as at how attractive it is to the market. We believe that with the application of TechBinder, important steps can be taken in the shipping industry in terms of efficiency. This makes TechBinder the rightful winner of the 5G Hub Innovation Challenge, the theme of which is sustainability this year.”

The winning idea

The idea that wins the prize will be implemented by the 5G Hub. Laura van Gestel, jury member and CSR director at VodafoneZiggo: “We have all possible facets of 5G at our disposal in the 5G Hub. It is incredibly special and inspiring to see that our technology and the entrepreneurship shown today can contribute to a sustainable future. We are rewarding TechBinder with a co-creation programme overseen by the experts of the 5G Hub. VodafoneZiggo looks forward to working with all 5G Hub partners to develop this groundbreaking idea.”

Bram van den Boom, TechBinder: “I am very proud and it feels like confirmation that we are busy with good things. I am looking forward to continuing development with the 5G Hub experts, their knowledge and network. The next step is to jointly look at where there are opportunities to show our worth. It helps to have so many valuable partners around you.”

The Smart Vessel Optimizer from TechBinder is the first tool that can monitor the energy consumption of cargo ships in detail. This will allow owners to track and adjust the performance of their vessels. 5G is needed to communicate this data quickly.

Audience award during the final

The members of jury weren’t the only ones to choose a winner during the final in Eindhoven, with the 300 invited guests also having the opportunity to vote for their favourite. Connec2 was ultimately chosen as the winner on their behalf, with their prize being a consultancy session with LUMO Labs and Strict Consultancy.

5G Hub

5G is the mobile Internet of the future. Together with various organisations, scientists and the government, it will be possible to test ideas and products in practice before they are potentially launched on the market. For example, VodafoneZiggo will arrange technical support, because a network frequency alone is not enough. Experts will provide input and provide assistance in the event of obstacles. Thanks to test frequencies, you can experiment with 5G in the 5G Hub, as well as other technical tools, as a result of which there is plenty of room for discovery and innovation.