TDC NET picks Ericsson 5G to reach Net Zero targets


Both TDC NET and Ericsson are globally recognized leaders in sustainability. TDC NET is the first company in the world with a validated 2030 Net Zero target by Science Based Targets initiative, a framework for corporate Net Zero target setting in line with climate science. Ericsson scored the number 1 position in ABI Research report evaluating the capabilities of telecom vendors to reduce energy use and waste across the industry.

In the coming years, Ericsson will be directly supporting TDC NET’s ambitious climate targets of Net Zero carbon emissions in their value chain, by providing them with energy-efficient solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software, which will help reduce the energy consumption of the service provider’s mobile network.

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Additionally, TDC NET and Ericsson commit to actively reduce the embodied carbon footprints. The radio equipment to be deployed comes from Ericsson’s latest portfolio, featuring reduced weight, a more compact design, and enhanced efficiency per unit when compared to previous generations.

Jakob Dirksen, Chief Technology Officer at TDC NET, says: “We are very pleased to continue our strong mobile partnership with Ericsson to build out our leading position in the market and ensure the country’s best network experience. At the same time, being the first company in the world with a validated 2030 Net Zero target by Science Based Targets initiative, we are happy to demonstrate our commitment to the climate by developing our collaboration with Ericsson in an even greener direction. To reach our Net Zero target for carbon emissions in the value chain by 2030, we need a strong buy-in from our suppliers, and here we’re pleased to find the same sustainable mindset and ambitions at Ericsson.”

Niclas Backlund, Country Manager for Ericsson Denmark, says: “Our 5G portfolio is ten times more energy efficient for the same amount of transferred data compared to 4G. The new agreement includes a number of fresh initiatives to raise energy efficiency while reducing carbon emissions through the value chain, from design, through planning, deploying and operating networks. TDC NET and Ericsson are setting the standards for both technology leadership and climate commitments.”

The contract running until the end of 2027, covers deployments of 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) hardware and software, as well as Managed Services Networks network operations, optimization and field operations.

Among the new additions to support its ambitious plans for energy efficiency, TDC NET will adopt Ericsson’s newly developed award-winning Predictive Cell Energy Management (PCEM) solution which, through AI and automation, will ensure TDC NET higher energy efficiency without compromising the customer experience. TDC NET will also benefit from Virtual Drive Test to enable a completely remote approach to site tuning and acceptance, achieving much faster network deployment with reduced negative impact.

Ericsson is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative initiative with TDC NET, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability. The collaboration in Denmark serves as a model for the global telecommunications industry, showcasing the positive impact that technology can have on the climate, society, and business.