TCCA to Hold Webinar on Impact of COVID-19 on Critical Communications


COVID-19 has caused unprecedented changes, bringing industry-specific challenges but also creating new opportunities. Analysts at Omdia have conducted extensive research over the past few months to gauge the impact of the pandemic on the critical communications sector.

Highlights of the research will be presented on Wednesday 16 September in a webinar hosted by TCCA as part of the its Critical Updates series.

Omdia’s insights will look at the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to the critical communications sector as well as the implications and how the future might unfold. The webinar will cover the long-term issues that may face specific aspects of the critical communications industry, from mobile radio and critical broadband through to command and control rooms.

The webinar will cover the pressures placed on each market segment by COVID-19 through 2020 so far, what opportunities lie ahead, and what this could mean for vendors and users alike. Omdia’s outlook for the critical communications sector will outline both positive and negative scenarios.

The research findings will be presented by Paul Bremner, a principal analyst in the Critical Communications group at Omdia. Based in London, UK, he is the lead analyst for the Command and Control Rooms Intelligence Service. Paul originally joined the Video Surveillance team in Omdia in 2012, working closely with the security system integration community. He has written reports on a diverse range of topics, covering security end-user concerns across a range of different vertical markets, the security system integration market, and the emerging safe cities market.

There are two sessions available for this webinar, both on Wednesday 16 September.