Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom Launches 4G LTE Driven Cloud Games with Ubitus


Entering the 4G LTE era of high bandwidth and high-speed mobile internet, Ubitus has collaborated with Chunghwa Telecom to launch GameNow-Taiwan cloud gaming service. As a result of this service, users will be able to play many classic games on their mobile phones and tablets.

Those who sign up for the 4G LTE plan with Chunghwa Telecom will now have the privilege of becoming the first batch of users to enjoy this, which shall accelerate the marking of a new chapter in the Taiwanese cloud gaming market. 

By boosting the speed and quality of mobile internet at one go, it will be possible to provide consumers with better quality and value-added services, including HD video content, music, GPS, and high-quality cloud-enabled games. Ubitus and Chunghwa Telecom jointly launched GameNow-Taiwan cloud gaming service, which is one of the most attractive value-added services. The surfing speed on the 4G LTE mobile broadband is 4-7X that of 3G. Users shall be able to enjoy high-quality cloud gaming, with gameplay that is smooth and uninterrupted.

Through GameNow-Taiwan cloud gaming platform, players can enjoy many gaming classics on their mobile phones or tablets, such as games that require the player to exercise their thinking capabilities to progress in the game (Ethan: Meteor Hunter), where the player controls a mouse with the powers to freeze time and control objects from a distance to progress in the game.

There are also high adrenalin motor-racing games such as Superstars V8 Next Challenge, SBK X – Superbike World Championship, WRC 4 — FIA World Rally Championship, and others. Besides that, there are strategy tower-defense games such as Two Worlds Castle Defense, where players take on the role of commanders of a military organization on a fictitious continent to defend a castle against foreign invaders. Other hot games are also scheduled to be launched in summer this year.

According to Wesley Kuo, the General Manager of Ubitus, “Since Ubitus was established, it had been generating record-breaking achievements and receiving industry recognition in the US, Japan, and South Korea. Everyone in Taiwan has been eagerly looking forward for the provision of the 4G LTE network, and for it to become more stable and mature. 4G LTE’s stable and high speed quality will be more suitable for HD cloud games. We are currently very honored to be able to work with Chunghwa Telecom, and we hope that our cooperation shall provide players with the best cloud gaming services. Going forward, we will continue to improve our service quality on a deeper scale, and jointly develop a broader gaming market.”