TAITRONICS 2017 Brings the Best in Electronics Innovation


2017 Edition of Taipei International Electronics Industry Exhibition TAITRONICS – successfully ended in Taipei, Taiwan – and created a unique platform for great set of innovations around AIoT, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

TAITRONICS 2017 – the 4-day extension of 400 manufacturers, used 800 booths to showcase the latest electronics industry technology and next generation products, attracting more than 74 countries nearly 16,000 domestic and foreign buyers and industry visited the event.

The highlights of the exhibition include new age technologies and innovations. Compal launched “BOOSTFix”, the use of lightweight electronic protractor that automatically tracks the measurement results, the doctor can edit the commonly used rehabilitation exercise, and assigned to the designated patients, the patient can be in accordance with the system and movement awareness.

In its bid to solve the parking problems – NISI Industrial R&D “NBIOT / CAT-M1 highlighted the Wireless Intelligent Parking System”, using accurate geomagnetism sensors to determine whether the parking spaces are occupied or not, and with the telecommunications company’s base station as a receiver.

Lite-On Technology showcased its “LITE-ON Smart City Street Light” using the popularity of street lamps to street lights for the installation of sensors, photographic lens, wireless network and a variety of wireless communications Modules.

In the future, the solution can also incorporate air pollution monitoring, intelligent traffic monitoring, urban safety and even river water level monitoring, to help the government to do better urban services, so that the city’s life is made more convenient.

In addition to the advantages of the supply chain in the middle and lower reaches of the electronics industry in Taiwan, this year’s electronic exhibition has led to the combination of artificial intelligence (AIoT) and Internet of Things (AIoT) innovation and development.

“AIoT Intelligent Life Experience Museum” showcased the intelligent manufacturing ecosystems, intelligent agriculture, intelligent education, intelligent transportation, intelligent retail and other cross-domain applications, during the exhibition to attract a large number of domestic and foreign buyers attention.

Another highlight of TAITRONICS 2017 was the 14 new start-up companies formed by the “new area” by the world-renowned accelerator Garage +, TSS, Innoventure Startup Club Taipei and TRIPLE and other start-ups. These startup accelerators highlighted physical monitoring, power monitoring, wearing devices and intelligent life and other products through the electronic exhibition platform to find strategic partners but also to stimulate domestic and foreign manufacturers of innovative energy.

As far as domestic manufacturers are concerned, this year’s TAITRONICS attracted enthusiastic participation from mainland China, India, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore exhibitors.

The Indian government once again set up the “Make in India National Pavilion” at TAITRONICS, and held a trade association summit between the Taiwan and India Industry Link Summit Forum.

The Japan Radio Promotion Association got together six EMI / EMC solutions and related materials manufacturers. The Japan Pavilion organized local exhibitors from Akita Prefecture, Japan.