T-Mobile Revolutionizes Wireless, Debuts T-Mobile Phone BoothE in US


The Un-carrier has pioneered some of the most memorable innovations in wireless: contract freedom, unlimited high-speed data, data rollover, free video and music streaming, device upgrades when you want…not when you’re told.

T-Mobile is launching a revolutionary idea for today’s busy Un-carrier customer: the T-Mobile Phone BoothE. Launching in NYC, Washington D.C. and Seattle (T-Mobile’s hometown), the Phone BoothEis a groundbreaking soundproof cube that allows T-Mobile customers to take and make calls or browse their smartphone in peace – in some of the loudest public spaces in the country.

From bustling urban streets to crowded coffee shops, it’s practically impossible to make a call these days without the world listening in. Not to mention, being an unwitting audience to someone else’s loud, one-sided conversation can be annoying. In fact, studies show that overhearing one-sided exchanges is more distracting than eavesdropping on a conversation between two people. Enter the T-Mobile Phone BoothE.

“It’s 2019 and people are walking around with a finger in their ear, trying to have a conversation! The T-Mobile Phone BoothE solves this problem,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “The whole point of having a mobile phone is so you can converse on the go, but there are certain conversations that call for privacy. This is a major evolution in how we think about mobility – now the busiest street corner can be your cellular sanctuary.”

And these vertical rectangular cubes are packed with advanced communication technology. When entering a T-Mobile Phone BoothE, T-Mobile customers get:

• Worry-Free Charging – Every Phone BoothEcomes with power for your smartphone and even a compatible cord so you don’t have to carry one. No more jockeying for wall outlets at that crowded (and loud!) coffee shop.
• Magenta Pages™ – A large vertical screen that seamlessly connects to your T-Mobile smartphone – now, you can get up close and personal with video calls or just enjoy a nice, big screen for better browsing.
• Social Mode – Snag a seriously upgraded selfie! The large screen can also be set as a background of your choice – even your favorite cityscape, and with advanced filtering technology built right in, your lighting’s always *chef’s kiss.* And, set the magenta mood lights from ‘tranquil’ to ‘party’ to make those pics pop.
Next-Gen Soundproofing – Video chat with your kids or parents without annoying everyone around you, finish that…ahem…pointed conversation with your spouse or take that embarrassing call from your doctor without an audience.

The T-Mobile Phone BoothEis reserved just for Un-carrier customers, thanks to next-generation advanced BoothE access technology. Simply download the T-Mobile Phone BoothEApp from the App Store or Google Play (coming soon) and then use your T-Mobile device to unlock an available BoothE. Say goodbye to noisy chaos and step right into a quiet, temperature-controlled space complete with walls and windows. You can also use the app to find and reserve a BoothEnearest your location when on the move.

Starting today, you can check out T-Mobile Phone BoothEfor yourself (no app required!) in locations around New York City, as well as in Washington D.C. outside the Treasury Building and at T-Mobile Park in Seattle during Opening Weekend.