T-Mobile Austria selects Comarch to evolve, consolidate network inventory


Comarch has announced that T-Mobile Austria, the second largest mobile telecommunications provider in Austria with more than 4 million customers, will implement Comarch Network Inventory with a web-based user interface, to get a comprehensive view of their network and be able to manage it more efficiently.

Comarch will be responsible for the system’s implementation and integration. Additionally to the Network Inventory system, Comarch Auto-Discovery & Reconciliation module will also be implemented to ensure automated handling of any discrepancies between the data in T-Mobile’s inventory system and the real state of their network.

Being the core of T-Mobile’s network management domain, Comarch Network Inventory will ultimately also help the operator improve network planning, assurance and fulfillment processes, which will translate to higher quality of service and a better experience of their customers.

“They say your decisions are as good as your information. This is why we believe that superb network management and planning starts with the accuracy of the inventory data. A modern inventory tool, like Comarch Network Inventory, will therefore not only help us see the complete view of our network in a single place. Ultimately it will also help us optimize network investment plans, improve our reporting, resolve any network issues faster and in the end – improve our customer experience. This is why for this strategic project we decided to choose Comarch, who have been our partner for years and have a good history of cooperating with the T-Mobile Group in various countries,” says Athanasios Avgeridis, SVP Operations Technology at T-Mobile Austria.

Comarch has been a partner for the T-Mobile Group since 2006. Throughout the years various projects have been realized in both the BSS and the OSS domain for the Group’s subsidiaries in various European countries, including Germany, Austria and Poland.

The Next Generation Network Inventory project carried out with T-Mobile Austria is the next step towards strengthening the cooperation between both groups.