Swisscom embarking on huge broadband expansion in Switzerland

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Swisscom is driving huge broadband expansion in Switzerland. This will benefit customers throughout Switzerland, not just those in urban areas.

That’s because Swisscom is increasing the speed of some of its “inOne home”, “inOne SME office” and “Smart Business Connect” subscriptions nationwide. In particular, there will be a significant improvement in the increasingly important data upload speeds. The price of inOne home S and Vivo XS will be amended slightly.

From October 2018, the majority of new and existing customers will benefit from faster Internet speeds at home and at work. Swisscom is not only increasing download speeds by up to 100% depending on the subscription, but also and especially, upload speeds on copper by up to 500%.

More speed unlocks new options for you when listening to music, watching films, shopping online or simply surfing. And, what is more, customers’ needs are changing. For instance, until recently, many Swiss saved their digital holiday photos on their home computer.

Those who wanted to play it safe would also copy the data to an external hard disk. These days, more and more amateur photographers use online services such as Swisscom myCloud, Google Photos or Apple iCloud – and they need a fast Internet speed to upload their data.

Over recent years, Swisscom has worked intensively with a mix of different technologies to drive forward network expansion. Thanks to steady expansion, Swisscom can now offer many customers improved upload speeds. The changes will take effect in two phases from 1 October and 17 October.

Prices remain the same for most subscriptions

Customers will benefit automatically from the improvements to service – and many will even continue to pay the same price. The monthly charge for inOne home S and Vivo XS subscriptions will increase by five or six CHF per month respectively.

The new price will take effect in December 2018, with customers enjoying the new speeds for the old price during October and November.