Swisscom Debuts Internet Guard – makes surfing a safer experience

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Swisscom customers will benefit from a new virtual bodyguard that makes it even safer for them to surf the Internet: the free Internet Guard.

Swisscom blocks its customers’ access to unsafe websites more than 250,000 time a day. And, as of today, this protection will be even more efficient – with Internet Guard: this network-based security function has access to an inordinate number of extensive, constantly updated lists of dangerous websites.

If Swisscom customers visit a website of this nature or are linked to one via a fraudulent e-mail link, Internet Guard identifies the danger and warns the customer.

No installation, no costs

Swisscom is rolling out Internet Guard to its residential and SME customers with Internet access to better protect them in the web. All devices are protected when accessing the Internet via Swisscom at home or at work. Customers don’t need to install anything on their devices, and it doesn’t cost them anything, either. In the upcoming weeks Internet Guard will be activated for all customers who use the Swisscom fixed network to surf the Internet. Over the coming months Internet Guard will also protect connections via Swisscom’s mobile network and hot spots.

Alert page warns of unsafe connections

An alert page warns customers when they are about to visit an unsafe website. It informs them that the connection might be dangerous. However, the alert page also lets customers visit the requested website at their own risk – something Swisscom strongly advises them not to do!

Better protection from virus and phishing attacks

Internet Guard enhances the existing security portfolio for Swisscom customers. A year ago, the free call filter for mobile phones was launched to protect from unsolicited advertising calls. Swisscom is now providing its customers with another virtual bodyguard, Internet Guard, to protect them while they surf the Internet.

Customer devices are better protected from the fraudulent installation of malicious programs like viruses, malware, or spyware on their PCs, smartphones, and all other devices in their home network. Data loss and the huge effort involved in removing these programs are avoided wherever possible.

Reducing phishing attacks also minimises the potential damage from the theft of customers’ sensitive access information (e.g. for bank accounts). However, users still constitute a weak link in the security chain. Swisscom therefore continues to advise caution and healthy scepticism.

Internet Guard warns users about dangerous websites. To ensure that all devices are fully protected, Swisscom also recommends that customers use a virus scanner or anti-virus programme, such as those provided by Swisscom’s Internet Security package. Swisscom offers its customers a wide selection of security solutions. The web page provides an overview of innovative technologies, products and information to protect customers and their devices.