Swipe set to Debut ELITE Power #OnlyOnFlipkart


Ask any Millenial about battery life of their smartphone, and the answer is an unequivocal “it’s not enough”. According to smartphone maker Swipe Technologies, battery life is the most common complaint in the smartphone era: that it is never enough.

Taking cue from market feedback, Swipe has devised a strategy wherein big battery will power Swipe’s next launch in the year 2017.

With screen size 5” and upward dominating the smartphone market place, the year 2017 for smartphones is certainly going to be judged for battery power.

Swipe Technologies believes that a big phone with its large footprint might not be all that great in terms of pocket comfort, but it allows Swipe to bundle in batteries that are much larger than what can fit in your regular 5 incher.

With these insights Pune-based Swipe Technologies, India’s leading mobile internet company and the leading maker of affordable smartphones, is planning to launch a smart phone that will be the ultimate in battery power and performance.

For those who prioritize on keeping their smartphones running 24×7, Swipe’s upcoming offering – ELITE Power – the new powerful offering from Swipe with a mammoth battery and a number of other new features, will be available for sale exclusively on Flipkart.com from 31st January.

Elite Power belongs to the successful brand series Elite, other popular Elite series smartphones being: Elite Note, Elite Max, Elite Plus, Elite 2, Elite Star, etc. The Elite Power smartphone will reportedly come with a big battery.

No consumer product on the planet is probably as dynamic in technology shifts as a mobile phone. The features driving smartphone purchases have changed almost on daily basis in the last few years. According to the GMI survey report, 89% of smartphone users say the battery life is the single most important factor. And Swipe’s own internal research indicates that 2017 is likely to see a lot more focus on battery than ever before.