Surveillance – Enabling Advanced Public Safety


The market of Video surveillance today is in the midst of a major paradigm shift. The growing use of Internet Protocol (IP) technology and video management software to network and manage video surveillance cameras is transforming the industry. Not only is it improving the quality of video surveillance, but it is also creating new applications for it and at the same time, expanding traditional ones. Today’s surveillance is all about enabling better public safety and creating a safe society.

Compared to analog video technology (also known as closed circuit television or CCTV), IP video surveillance is game-changing — both in the quality of the video collected and its utility and value. IP network cameras and video management software expand the capabilities of video surveillance, making it not just a tool for watching, but also for collecting data and improving business and organizational operations.

IP networking and video management software are improving access control, safety, traffic monitoring, process control, and many other functions. In fact, as we will discuss later in this paper, once video is networked and accessed through computers and other devices, there really is no limit other than the imagination to how it can be used and benefit people, businesses, governments, and institutions. IP video surveillance systems can turn this security prerequisite into something that can actually provide return on investment.

India is a huge market for some of the world’s biggest surveillance gear and solutions providers such as Dahua, CP-Plus, D-Link, Mobotix, Panasonic, SmartLink etc.. India also as its own home grown surveillance focused organizations such as Vintron Informatics which are moving ahead quite fast.

Indian Scenario

According to Yogesh B Dutta, Sr. Vice President, Aditya Infotech, the company has been constantly improving the penetration of channel partners and system integrators.

Aditya Infotech

“We continuously undertake special initiatives to educate and train channel partners about the products and solutions that we offer. Our aim is not only to create a wide distribution network but also to create awareness and understanding within the industry for the varied solutions that we can provide. Channel empowerment, education & training has been a key thrust for AIL. AIL has put in place, a strong backend team to train the channel partners on new technologies & products. The product specialists from the respective categories have been hired to spearhead this process,’’ he explains.

Aditya Infotech is one of the most firmly entrenched distributors in India and is currently working with more than 6500+ channel partners & system integrators across 400+ cities through its network of 45 branches.

“We brought the robust service and support infrastructure, to provide the best service & commissioning support through toll-free number and technical support centre, located at various parts of the country,” he adds on.

A completely Indian manufacturing organization, New Delhi based Vintron Informatics is surely a well known Indian brand and that is the reason, the company is finding its own unique positioning in segments such as Defense or Indian Police departments.

As per the views of Kuldeepak Gupta, President, Vintron Informatics, moving IP Camera Business and Value added Solution business through the company’s set of distributors and SI partners is a big priority for Vintron Informatics.


”System integrators is surely a big priority for us but we don’t want clutter of partners at distributor level. We want to provide a level playing field for our partners. Though we are not appointing exclusive territory based distributors, we do provide boundaries to play exclusively,” he explains.

”We want to give indigenous industry centric solution like Police is having different requirements; where is defense is having very different needs and different industries are having different requirements we want to take care vertical centric business needs by package solutions. Segments such as Police; Defense; Home and SMB are very important for us,” he explains.

Surveillance Solutions

As far as Aditya is concerned, 2014 will be the revolutionary year for Indian security market. ”We have initiated Redefining Video Surveillance campaign that brings futuristic technologies aiming to take video surveillance industry to the next level. Some of the revolutionary technologies include:

Clarity & performance is myth for any System Integrator. Understanding this scenario, HDCVI technology is launched by Dahua, aiming to redefine analog surveillance by providing high definition video transmission over co-axial cable at affordable value.

HDCVI technology is perfectly developed to satisfy high definition surveillance requirement such as airport, city, shopping malls and much more. In addition, HDCVI technology has been introduced in CP PLUS CORAL series of analog CCTV cameras and Digital Video Recorders.

Another revolutionary product range includes Dahua Eco-Savvy Network cameras and CP PLUS APEX camera range featuring low consumption and low streaming, that saves 75% of networking bandwidth and storage compared with the existing cameras in market.

The video-wall controller DH-M30 by Dahua Technology, making itself a stand-out as it combines video-wall control function and decoding together. DH-M30 renders superb video-wall control capacity, allowing various video sources to be distributed and displayed on the video wall in a flexible way,’’ Yogesh B Dutta informs.

Video sources include local input signals, such as CVBS, VGA, DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI and etc. along with mainstream network signals, including IPC, DVR, NVR and etc., the key difference that the device varies itself with other image controllers on the market is its decoding function, which makes the whole system even more connected and integrated.

Surveillance Verticals in India

Whether it is government segment or health, education, hospitality, infrastructure, PSUs, surveillance is increasingly becoming important today and companies such as Aditya Infotech are catering to every need of System Integrators wherein, they can deliver value added services & quality integration to their customers. The technical, support & design team at Aditya have been working rigorously to take any integration project to the next level.

Global Plans

Globally, security and surveillance industry is seeing huge opportunity explosion. And there has been great potential in the surveillance industry of Asia region. “We are growing stupendously year-after-year. With an aim to expand business in Asia market, we are setting-up new workstations in Asian countries. We have already started operations in high potential security markets such as Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore and Middle East and GCC Countries. In addition, we have appointed sales force and team of technical professionals, aiming to meet the demands of the customers and generate new opportunities in the market,” Yogesh B Dutta, Sr. Vice President, Aditya Infotech.

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