Sunrise, Virtuelle Fabrik Partner to Offer IoT Services

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Thanks to the partnership with the Virtuelle Fabrik, Sunrise customers are gaining access to a comprehensive ecosystem for IoT. Sunrise has the best network for IoT projects – internationally as well, thanks to strong partners such as Vodafone.

Sunrise IoT connect offers a convenient, simple, and clear IoT connectivity platform to activate and monitor IoT SIM cards.
IoT connects machines, objects, vehicles, and much more.

Digital connectivity through IoT technologies enables real-time monitoring and management of objects, facilitating quick data-driven decisions. IoT not only gives companies a decisive competitive edge through increasing productivity while cutting costs, but also fundamentally opens up countless new business models.

“One of the most important success factors for IoT projects is the interplay between engineering, design, technology and business development. “Thanks to this new partnership with the Virtuelle Fabrik, Sunrise customers are gaining access to a comprehensive ecosystem for IoT.” says Robert Wigger, Chief Business Officer at Sunrise UPC.

The Virtuelle Fabrik is a mechatronics network with well-known Swiss companies from various innovation, development and manufacturing sectors. “We accept assignments and organise the appropriate competences and resources – this way our customers get their own virtual factory. Thanks to the pronounced culture of co-operation and tried and tested networking, the customer saves time and money compared to conventional collaboration models,” says Marcel Strebel, President of the Virtuelle Fabrik.

Sunrise and the Virtuelle Fabrik bring together the know-how of experts from different disciplines. At the request of the customer, market-ready IoT solutions are developed – in a modular system from conception to the produced and fully developed product.

An interdisciplinary team of software developers, industrial designers, technicians, engineers and business development specialists work out the product innovation in just a few steps. The teams share experiences from previous project successes, work with co-creation methods and proceed iteratively.

Broad range of connection technologies

The multi-award-winning Sunrise mobile network offers a wide range of connection technologies – from 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G up to NarrowBand IoT and Cat-M1 – to always ensure the best network for IoT projects.

This applies internationally as well, thanks to strong partners such as Vodafone. Attractive national and international rate plans are available for IoT connections. Thanks to Indoor Coverage as a service from Sunrise (ICaaS), reduced transmission and capacity bottlenecks when inside buildings is a thing of the past. The new service guarantees 3G, 4G, 5G mobile reception, even inside buildings.

Sunrise IoT connect

The Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) Sunrise IoT connect allows IoT customers to autonomously activate and manage SIM cards at the click of a mouse (from 50 up to 100,000 connections possible). The existing applications can be integrated through an API (Application Programming Interface).

Secure and location-independent data access with real-time data analytics is included in the basic service. Personalized reporting is offered as an additional option. The IoT solution can be tailored to individual needs at any time using Sunrise IoT connect. The IoT connect platform is redundantly hosted in Swiss data centers to ensure maximum security and availability.

Sunrise IoT connect is a managed service with a 24/7 helpdesk and network monitoring. Sunrise works together with a strong ecosystem of partners in the fields of sensors, device management, data analysis, as well as IT and business process integration.