STL launches dTelco – a digital platform for telcos


dTelco equips telecom companies to deliver hyper-personalised customer experience.

STL, a global data networks innovator, has launched dTelco (digital telco platform) that empowers telecom companies to deliver personalisation, increase revenue and drive innovation. The best-in-class dTelcoTM platform helps move away from traditional siloed model to agile, scalable, customer-centric and data-driven business model.

dTelco reduces the cost of traditional operational functions, hence offering two fundamental advantages. First, it automates customer / partner management and operations. Second, it provides new customer insights by data driven analysis capability, powered by Intellza (an AI offering by STL).

Collectively this results in high-value customer interactions, better cross-sell and up-sell offer acceptance rates, and overall improvement in customer satisfaction for the telcos.

“A modern telco is a technology company. With new technologies such as 5G, IoT, IIoT, Edge Computing, Data Analytics, ML, AI becoming mainstream, telecom companies are expected to play a pivotal role in acceleration of ‘digital’ for individuals and enterprises. This digital reinvention means, telecom companies will impact all the verticals in the next few years. dTelcoTM enables telecom companies to delight its users (customers and partners) by providing hyper-personalised digital experience while reducing the operational cost to become a leading digital lifestyle provider,” said Anshoo Gaur, CEO – Network Software, STL.


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