Sterlite Set to implement Jaipur Smart City


Sterlite Technologies, India’s one-stop solutions provider for smart city development, has won the Jaipur Smart City Phase – II Project. Jaipur, the Pink City, was selected under the Smart City Mission of Ministry of Urban Development launched in 2015.

This is Sterlite’s second smart city project win. The project, slated for completion within six months from the date of the contract, is under implementation. Sterlite aims for time-bound development activities based on scientific and hi-tech strategies. This project will boost the heritage tourism industry and bring smarter living experience to Jaipurians.

Highlighting the project win and its impact on the lives of citizens, K S Rao, Chief Operating Officer, Sterlite Technologies, said, “We are happy to partner the government in providing the citizens of Jaipur a richer living experience through the use of smart technologies. We are committed to creating a Smart Pink City by setting up a robust, secure & smart network architecture based on the requirements. With this deployment, Jaipur will start its transformation to a smart heritage tourist destination.”

The scope of the project includes setting up citizen services kiosk with environmental sensors and Interactive Information Kiosks, Wi-Fi network extension, video surveillance for public safety and security at key locations, enabling remote expert government services, and provisioning of bandwidth. Additionally, Sterlite will integrate the newly deployed network with the existing one, be
responsible for operations & maintenance, revenue monetisation of network, and provide facility management services for three years.

At the completion of this initiative, the citizens of Jaipur will be able to enjoy free hi-speed broadband at key locations. They will be able to access interactive content and information at the kiosks in real-time, improving loyalty and revenues, while increasing efficiencies in administrative business processes.

The environmental sensors will also enable real-time environmental data analysis for citizens’ benefit. The central command centre, which is the nerve centre of a smart city, will enable secure smart city infrastructure management by aiding real-time decision-making by the authorities.

This Suite has been custom-designed for the requirements of the Jaipur Development Authority for the phased transformation of the city towards smarter living. The Phase-II project encompasses architecture design, development and management of the Jaipur Smart City through technology deployment.