Sterlite and Elitecore – Reimagining Network Transformation


By Zia Askari |

Whether it is getting more out of fiber networks, or enabling monetization – combined entity is ideally poised to multiply on its strengths and create better value for its customers

Close on the heels of its merger with Sterlite Group – the combined entity of Sterlite and Elitecore carries unique value proposition of expertise to handle fiber networks and deliver telecom software. Reimagining Network Transformation – this combined entity to ready to better strengthen and monetize next generation networks of its customers in India as well as on global turf.


According to Nikhil Jain, Managing Director, Elitecore, Sterlite Technologies Limited, “Elitecore is offering its OSS BSS solutions for the telecom segment – the bigger vision what we have seen along with Sterlite technology – Sterlite having a large offering on fiber optics, passive networks and there is this huge opportunity coming up where we have to integrate this network. So when it comes to joint vision, we can come up with an aggregation application and monetize them.”

At a time operators and communication service providers are looking forward to innovative ways for better management of their data networks – delivering the right customer experience becomes extremely important.

“When it comes to challenges, the biggest challenge for operators is to first serve the existing customers and at the same time to establish the new network and there should be seamless migration of the customer within the networks. Elitecore is having a lot of solutions that are network agnostic – OCS which can run across all the networks – if you talk about 2G, 3G or 4G. Authentication layers, Billing and PCRF, we sit in the layer where we can talk to various networks and take care of the seamless movement of the operator from one network to another network,” he adds on.

When it comes to research and development, the organization is putting a lot of efforts in order to enable a network fabric that is truly future-proof.

“Right now we are engaged in a lot of R&D and investments in three applications – firstly we see that billing and CRM is moving towards digital commerce, secondly operators are looking forward to distributing such services across multiple channels – from the distributor, reseller or even the small show keeper. So there is a common platform where you have common interface where you can offer your services. And third is the seamless integration of this dynamic service.

Second innovation we are doing comes in the form of analytics. Any information that is flowing across the network which involves insights into customer behavior can be used to create analytics. Our vision is to create a single point dashboard for operators where they can get all the information in a single shot.

Thirdly, we are also strengthening our Wi-Fi SMP platform by integrating lot of IoT applications, VoIP calling – we have our enterprise voice solution which we are planning to integrate with our SMP solution and enable the VoIP on Wi-Fi network,” Nikhil adds on.

Combing Strengths

It is all about combining strengths, with the integration of these two entities – the opportunities are immense. Both the orgaisations have got specific advantages that can be added to a customer’s network and enable end-to-end network solutions.

“When it comes to integration of Sterlite and Elitecore – firstly we are looking at smart cities or smart networks where Sterlite has lot of capabilities towards integrating the networks, connecting to the fiber, and have relations with Ericsson, Cisco etc. as we see, smart cities also require a lot of application integration as well. So the new combined entity of Sterlite and Elitecore can work with NEP and integrate applications over the network and deliver unique digital experience for the citizen,” Nikhil explained.