STEM technology summit | Ericsson, O2, BT and Vodafone Inspire ‘Women in Tech’

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Young women aspiring to a career in technology got to meet and speak with a host of influential and senior figures in the technology world at the Step into STEM technology summit in London last week, with Ericsson as one of the hosts.

Organized by award-winning female empowerment agency Girls Talk London, the two-day career and skills development conference, held at BT Centre and O2 Wayra in London on July 24 and 25 was hosted by Ericsson, O2, BT and Vodafone. The summit featured keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops, covering everything from 5G to opportunities in the industry.

One of the Ericsson speakers, Employer Branding Specialist Charlotte Heideman, told the mentees that the technology industry offered women many exciting career opportunities, saying: “At Ericsson, it’s all about passion for what you do, and if you have that, you can truly thrive here.’’

Peter Marshall, Portfolio Marketing Manager for Market Area Europe and Latin America, held a session in which he showcased what a typical day could be like with 5G, utilizing virtual reality based on the recent Ericsson ConsumerLab report.

He said: “5G is here and it will have a massive impact on the world & the best is yet to come. There’s never been a more exciting time to launch your career in the Tech industry’’

The discussions covered a wide range of topics from medical uses to the Internet of Things and entertainment to transport. The attendees were interested in seeing how 5G could change even the minutest details of everyday life. One of the main talking points from the mentees was linked to why 5G is different to previous generations of mobile technology, which lead to discussions about new services and applications and how a 5G network would be built.

During a Technology for Good panel discussion, Ericsson led discussions on how 5G can transform the lives of disabled people, as well as how connectivity has helped increase access to education for children, especially girls, as part of Ericsson’s Connect to Learn projects.

A panel discussion on 5G attracted a huge amount of interest from the mentees on the benefits of the technology, the downsides of a connected world and whether humans obstructed the success of 5G, for example, through the case of autonomous vehicles against human drivers. An Early Talent Careers panel discussion provided the mentees with insights into the type of opportunities available from internships to graduate programs.

Pamela Hehn Schroeder, MELA (Europe and Latin America Markets) CFO, Ericsson, saw a huge amount of potential at the event, saying: ‘’It’s great to be here and get inspired by this new talented generation. Career in tech the industry can be very exciting and I’m hoping to welcome some of these girls to Ericsson!‘’