stc launches new ‘Code of Ethics and Business Conduct’

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stc launched the Company’s new Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, to reinforce its commitment to Integrity and fulfil the ethical expectations of its stakeholders.

“At stc, integrity is at the heart of everything we do, in every transaction, with every stakeholder, everywhere we do business. Our Code of Ethics is our commitment to Integrity and ensures we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard while conducting business. Our customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders expect nothing less from us,” said stc Group CEO Eng. Nasser Sulaiman Al Nasser.

The new Code of Ethics reflects the company’s values of Dynamism, Devotion, Drive and is a critical part of stc’s recently developed Ethics and Integrity program. “Our Ethics and Integrity program aims to elevate the integrity culture at stc and our new Code of Ethics will guide us on this journey,” said Mathad Al-Ajmi, stc VP and General Counsel of Legal Affairs, who is also the Chair of the B20 Saudi Arabia Integrity & Compliance Taskforce, which is focused on advancing a global anti-corruption agenda across all G20 member states.

stc’s Code of Ethics is aptly titled, ‘Integrity takes us forward”. It is written in a very easy to understand format, outlines requirements for ethical behavior and also lays down practical guides to make ethical business decisions.

The Code covers 16 specific and common integrity risk areas; states stc’s policy with respect to these risk areas; and then provides clear guidance and practical advice to employees, customers, business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders on how stc and its representatives should act. The 16 areas are classified under 4 themes: Customer and Communities, the Marketplace, Investors and the Workplace.

“The leadership at stc has wholeheartedly committed to abiding by our Code of Ethics and we will be working with our teams across the Company to ensure we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and set our Company as an example of ethical leadership driving the digital transformation in the region,” Al-Ajmi added.