stc bearing temporary SME suspension fee, doubles internet data for free

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stc has announced that it will bear the cost of the temporary service suspension fees for SME services on behalf of enterprises that wish to temporarily suspend their services until the end of April 2020.

As part of stc’s efforts to respond to the country’s directions to mitigate the financial impacts that may affect this vital sector in light of the current measures taken to limit the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and as part of the remote work initiatives launched in cooperation with a number of government, private, and distance education entities.

stc has announced that it will double the data capacity for its Quicknet prepaid packages without any additional charges. Existing or new Quicknet customers can benefit from this offer.

stc has taken this step to support the educational process and enable employees of government and private entities to fulfil their work duties in light of the precautionary measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to address the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) including suspending all educational institutions, and urging many entities to work remotely.

stc has doubled the internet data bundles during this period as a response to the growing need for data at the moment, especially with the majority of customers relying more on managing many of their daily affairs remotely through the internet.

stc stresses its commitment to meeting the customers’ growing needs by providing them with quality communication services that suit their lifestyle.

The data capacity of the Quicknet 10GB, 50GB and 100GB packages has been automatically doubled, without requiring any additional fees. Existing or new Quicknet prepaid customers can benefit from this offer until May 16th.

stc has recently provided digital solutions to facilitate access to a number of education and health online platforms for free and without consuming any data, as part of the company’s heightened sense of social responsibility.