How Sri Lanka’s Mobitel is using Wi-Fi for inbound tourists


In its bid to deliver next generation connectivity services for its customers, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel has embarked on a new initiative to provide free Wi-Fi services to the Sri Dalada Maligawa, offering an informative online guide to tourists who visit the historic temple.

The new Wi-Fi service will facilitate inbound tourists who visit the temple to access the internet, and will also enable them to use an interactive voice guide which would direct them through each part of the temple. This voice guide will be available in multiple languages, in order to cater to tourists from a variety of nationalities.
The voice guide will provide insightful information and visual imagery on the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic. The interactive voice guide, available via Wi-Fi is expected to attract the interest of thousands of inbound tourists that visit the temple each year.
“Our primary aim is to ensure that those who visit the temple are well-informed about its rich history, and spread the word to others. The Dalada Maligawa is the pivot of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, and it is important that we impress upon the large numbers of inbound tourists who visit the temple each year, its importance,” Sri Dalada Maligawa, Diyawadana Nilame, Pradeep Nilanga Dela said during the launch of the Wi-Fi facility.
Meanwhile Mobitel’s Acting CEO, Kapila Chandrasena also expressed his views, “Mobitel’s key objective with the launch of this new initiative is to assist the Dalada Maligawa towards generating more publicity and to encourage more tourist visits to the temple. As the National Mobile Service Provider, it is Mobitel’s duty to contribute towards such initiatives, and we will look at providing similar services at other historical and cultural sites in the future as well.”
The Wi-Fi service can be accessed at the Temple once a ticket is purchased, and can be enjoyed till the end of the visit. The new facility will provide convenience to tourists and will create awareness on the significance of the sacred temple.

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