Sprint’s WatchMeGo Brings Peace of Mind to Parents as a Wearable Security Solution


Sprint has unveiled WatchMeGo from Sprint, a unique solution designed just for kids to give parents peace of mind. WatchMeGo includes a cool kid’s watch with monitoring and communication plus the award-winning Kidomi™ app with parent-approved entertainment and educational activities for children ages 4 – 13.

The WatchMeGo device is $144 or just $6 per month for 24 months with installment billing. Service to enable the security and communication features requires a simple rate plan of $10 per month with AutoPay and no activation fee.1 It is available starting Feb. 7.

Nothing is more important to a parent than knowing their child’s location. Just about every parent has felt that rush of fear and confusion when they turn around and don’t immediately see their child. Or a coach switches the game field and you don’t know where to go to cheer them on. Or a birthday party pickup location changes and you didn’t get the text from the party host.

Designed to bring parents peace of mind, WatchMeGo offers real-time GPS location tracking2 through the custom WatchMeGo app. WatchMeGo lets parents and children stay connected without handing a young person a wireless phone. Parents and kids can send and receive voice messages, and the watch can also receive text messages from the parent.

“WatchMeGo is the perfect solution for parents with little ones who aren’t yet ready for their first phone,” said Doug Smith, Sprint vice president of product innovation and product marketing. “With the ability to track the location of your child almost anywhere using GPS and communicate through text or voice messages, WatchMeGo is an ideal addition to your family’s connected lifestyle.”

Parents can also receive automated alerts when their child’s WatchMeGo enters or exits a defined safety zone such as their school or neighborhood. The fun and stylish wearable has an “SOS” button that immediately sends an alert to a parent’s smartphone.

The Kidomi™ app from the education experts at Fingerprint Digital is included with WatchMeGo at no additional cost (a $7.99 per month value) and features hundreds of educational games and activities that focus on science, math, technology and reading. The kid-friendly and parent-approved app also delivers an extensive library of family entertainment videos and eBooks.

WatchMeGo is built with durability in mind with a highly rugged Gorilla Glass watch face and a long-lasting 400mAh battery. It is water-resistant (IP67 rating) so a bit of splashing and regular hand washing won’t affect performance.