Spotlight on Wearables – Innovations in Form Factor Drive Market Dynamics


Wearable devices have been getting a lot of attention today, and a number of global vendors are targeting the Indian market opportunity. It is all about getting the right innovation in place and form factor plays a very important role towards determining the success of a wearable product.

Whether it is a smartwatch or a health fitness tracker – accuracy of sensors and form factor innovations holds the key towards delivering a unique wearable user experience and a number of global vendors such as Samsung, FitBit, Jawbone, GOQii and Xiaomi etc are coming out with innovative products in this category to target the Indian market dynamics.

Intex is an Indian brand which has its smartwatch – I-Rist, positioned to cater to this growing need of wearable products.

According to Keshav Bansal, Director, Intex Technologies, being an indigenous Smartphone player the company has always had a better connect with its audiences.

“Our connection with our target audiences has always been based on the brand familiarization and price of products we provide. Innovation and price being our USP we have always managed to settle products with the right audiences. This has enabled us to create a strong base with our roots that helps us in growing as a brand. We currently have a market share of 11% and are one of the top smartphone brands in the country, surely this adds to the advantage,” he explains.


Thriving on Innovation

Keshav Bansal, Director, Intex Technologies says that innovation and pricing are the most critical elements for defining success of a wearable today.

“As I mentioned quality, innovation and pricing are the three elements that contribute to the making of a perfect device at Intex. Our research and development is parallel to the demand of the Indian market, and we are constantly taking feedback of our consumers to customize better products for them,” he adds on.

“While the trend of fitness bands is growing, the innovation in the wearable segment is influenced by a lot of players from various fields. This mix of players across fields leads to the creation of products that are influenced by designs, brands, animations and creations that are the perfect amalgamation of technology and innovation. Since the Indian market is incredible and is a mix of various choices, cultures and origins, there is a lot of scope for creating products in line to this market,” he explains.

Keshav Bansal, from Intex emphasizes on the connect with the market. “Our connection with our audiences helps us in streamlining our products and craft feature rich devices that are designed keeping the end user in mind. The demand for wearable technology is very vulnerable right now. In India the biggest challenge would be establishing the right market and position wearables along with the right target audience. We still believe the majority of growth is going to come from mobile phones especially the smartphone segment,” he explains.

No matter how you look at it, wearables are on the rise, and it is opening up new possibilities and avenues for global as well as local brands in India to position their offerings and create market differentiation.


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