Spark uses AI to help customers on the best plan

Spark New Zealand

Spark is proactively contacting pay monthly mobile and broadband customers and recommending the best plan based on their individual needs with ‘Made For You Review’ – a data-driven right planning programme that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Made For You Review uses AI to crunch millions of data points, including what plan a customer is on, how many calls, texts, and data they’re using and how much they’re paying each month, and analyses this data against Spark’s available plans before generating a recommendation of the best plan.

Spark New Zealand

Spark Marketing and Data Director Matt Bain said Spark began sharing Made For You Review recommendations with customers on wireless broadband plans this year and those who took action on their recommendation are now saving approximately $15 per month on average.

“While we have made improvements to how customers can check their usage and spend history, as well as simplifying how we present our plans, we know it can be difficult to keep track of what’s available in the market. Made For You Review takes out the hard work for customers, helping them assess whether their current services are still right for them.

“Ultimately, the purpose behind Made For You Review is to ensure our customers are getting the most from their broadband and mobile plans. For example, it might recommend moving to a cheaper broadband plan if you’re not using all the value allocated, or suggest a larger plan if you’re regularly using up all your mobile data and paying for overage.”

Spark will also arm its front-line care agents with customers’ latest Made for You Review recommendation so they can proactively talk to customers about other plans that might better suit their needs from 4 October.

“Over the last few months, our customer care teams have undergone a major training programme so they are equipped to use this data, which is updated daily, to front-foot conversations with customers about the right plan for them, based on their recent activity.”

Spark is continuing to optimise this technology with plans of enabling it to automatically check-in and make recommendations when a customer’s usage behaviour changes. For example, it could notice a steep drop in data use due to the kids moving out of home, and proactively notify the customer of a better plan based on these changes.

Spark’s Made for You Review has already picked up seven awards at the recent 2023 TVNZ NZ Marketing Awards with its partner Proximity, including the Supreme Award for Excellence in Data Insights Strategy and Best Overall Marketing Campaign.