South East Asia’s Tier-1 Service Provider Taps RAD’s vCPE Solution

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RAD, the industry pioneer of network edge virtualization, has announced that a Tier 1 service provider in South East Asia has selected its Service Assured vCPE solution as part of a project to completely transform the operator’s network to NFV/SDN.

RAD’s solution includes the ETX-2v uCPE and ETX-2p pCPE platforms to be deployed at business premises in large volumes, both running on an open vCPE-OS that manages the virtualization resources, as well as the RADview Domain Orchestrator integrated with the SDN/NFV Orchestrator selected by the service provider. This will allow enterprise and SME end-customers to use a self-service portal to independently deploy and activate various functions of their business data service.

“We are thrilled to have been awarded this multi-year project,” said Udy Kashkash, Vice President Global Customer Facing Group at RAD. “This is yet another opportunity for us to be working with market innovators and help them completely transform their business offering. Our vCPE solution will allow them to introduce added value to their business customers.”

Until recently, the service provider’s main service portfolio has focused primarily on IP VPNs, however they have also been attentive to the increasing demand for modern business solutions that help enterprise clients to advance their businesses. To that end, RAD’s uCPE and pCPE will be used to continue delivering existing IP VPN services over MPLS and broadband, but will also enable a myriad of value added services (VAS) that were simply not possible until now. Such services include customized firewall, DDoS solutions, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)/IPS, and more.

“Service providers’ growth is at risk of losing market share to OTT players unless they employ forward thinking and become indispensable to their customers,” explains Kashkash. “To do so, they need new offerings that make use of NFV’s flexibility and scalability, such as managed VAS, and secure access to public clouds. The vCPE solution allows them to do that, with the added bonus of open, disaggregated architecture and automation that enables service providers to offer customized services for specific verticals, such as hospitality, retail and supply chain management.”

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