Soliton Systems, 5G Hub Align to Demo Racing Car Remote Control via 5G

Soliton Systems, 5G Hub Align to Demo Racing Car Remote Control via 5G

Soliton Systems, a manufacturer of ultra-low latency streaming solutions over cellular networks, has announced a nearly inconceivable sample to demonstrate remote control of a race car using 5G.

Soliton Systems, in partnership with VodafoneZiggo and Ericsson Telecommunication as part of the 5G Hub initiative to jointly showcase futuristic applications, will showcase a remotely driven race car. It will be controlled by a live video feed where it will be driven remotely using 5G.

Go Ito , Managing Director of Soliton Systems Europe explained: “With the 5G Hub, we want to show something spectacular that could really demonstrate the reliability and capabilities of our ultra-low latency units for live streaming, combined with the power of 5G. We thought ‘ What could enhance our competencies better than remotely controlling a high-speed racing car? ‘ Even a few milliseconds of video lag or loss could be catastrophic. ”

Soliton’s advanced coding technology with its secure RASCOW2 transmission protocol uses multiple networks simultaneously to improve connectivity and redundancy, allowing what would have traditionally been the domain of sci-fi movies to become a reality. Operations such as remote driving, remote operation of heavy machinery, remote control of drones and remote surgery could become normal.

Edwin Dijkstra , Solutions Architect at Ericsson said: “Soliton is an important contribution to the 5G Hub ecosystem. Our partnership enables us to jointly showcase futuristic applications with low latency. The Hub’s aspiration is to be a breeding ground for new technologies, and this is being achieved with our ambitious remote drive car demonstration. ”

5G Hub is a consortium of four founding fathers: VodafoneZiggo, Ericsson, Brainport Development and High-Tech Campus. Located on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the 5G Hub features a test lab, training facilities and a demonstration studio with 5G and IoT capabilities offering the opportunity to explore and co-create new technologies on top of 5G.

Soliton Systems, headquartered in Japan with global offices, manufactures a range of encrypted video security and encryption products. The Smart-telecaster Zao series is in use by telecommunications operators for new 5G business applications and by manufacturers for teleoperation projects.