Softline Acquires Automated Software Distribution Platforms to Sell Software to Telecoms


Softline Group, an international IT solution and service provider in 30 countries, announced the purchase of rights to Enaza and Z Square automated software distribution platforms.

These platforms sell software subscriptions via a reseller network that can include many end clients – ISPs, Service Providers, and even banks and insurance companies.

Under these two deals, Softline purchases the automated distribution platforms and the rights to them. Other Enaza projects are not included into the deal and remain entitled to Enaza.

The prices of the deals are not disclosed.

At the present time, Enaza and Z Square platforms mostly sell antiviruses. The automated distribution model can be scaled to the target markets of Southern America, South-Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. The platforms will be customized to sell other software products besides antiviruses: the decisions on customization will be taken on a case-by-case basis depending on the demand. Every platform will be used for a particular type of partners and clients with specific requirements and expectations.

“One of Softline growth strategy components is acquiring companies that hold the leading positions in their markets or in their market segments. We executed this strategy when we purchased Enaza and Z Square. We have acquired not only a platform, but also a client base, experienced executives, and a business process framework. Thanks to these aspects the projects are highly demanded by the partners selling software to end clients. We have everything necessary to repeat our success overseas. These deals are also consistent with the current digital transformation challenges: market trends indicate that most software will be sold by subscription and used as a service by both corporate and private clients,” – says Elena Volotovskaya, Chief Investment Officer at Softline Group.

Softline started automated sales of software subscriptions in 2011 based on an in-house automation platform. The platform was launched at the time when vendors started to shift to software delivery via subscription model. The purchase of leading solutions will help Softline focus on cooperation with the largest service providers and telecom companies that have a large base of subscribers. According to this paradigm, service providers will become resellers that will automatically sell software to their clients via personal accounts.