SoftBank Picks Cisco to Build Sustainable Internet for the Future

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Cisco has announced that SoftBank Corp. will be deploying Cisco pluggable optical transceivers in its metro area network to support 4G/5G, enterprise, and broadband services.

SoftBank Corp. is a Japan-based operator that provides telecommunications services and combines them with advanced technologies to develop and operate new businesses in Japan and around the world. Cisco and SoftBank are longstanding partners and have been collaborating to deploy state-of-the-art network architectures with the scalability, reliability, flexibility, and agility aiming to deliver advanced digital experiences that enable a digital inclusive future for all.

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By deploying the Cisco QSFP 100G ZR4 pluggable optical transceivers, SoftBank can reduce power consumption and the carbon footprint for 100G links up to 80km apart, providing faster connectivity between network locations across wide footprints. The solution provides increased capacity to connect geographically distant sites to the network more efficiently, ensures high reliability, consumes less rack space, and lowers power consumption, all which contribute to operational efficiencies and sustainability.

“SoftBank is aiming to create and deliver new digital solutions and experiences for business and society while meeting our corporate goals for sustainability. With the Cisco 100G ZR4 pluggable optical transceiver, we are now able to construct our network rapidly by establishing plug-and-play connectivity of our routers between remote sites. The solution also contributes to lower the power consumption and the footprint by reducing the number of devices required in the sites,” said Teruyuki Oya, Vice President, Head, IP & Transport Technology Division, SoftBank Corp. “We look forward to our continued collaboration with Cisco to maximize the advancement of optical technology and optimize how our network delivers digital experiences for all our customers.”

“Cisco and SoftBank have crossed many milestones together to strengthen its network and help it run more efficiently to deliver premium digital experiences for its customers in Japan and around the world. Together, we accelerate building the Internet for the Future by delivering faster secure connections that enable hybrid work while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions,” said Sanjay Kaul, APJ Service Provider, Cisco.