Smartron tband Review: This Fitness Band is a Blood Pressure Monitor Too!


Smartron tband Review |

This is another great and innovative offering from the house of Smaartron – the Indian brand that’s churning out one innovative device after another.

This product is really a special one and is redefining multi-purpose fitness bands category by offering the option to measure blood pressure for users.

After establishing itself firmly in the smartphones and next-gen laptops segment Indian company Smartron is now getting into fitness gadgets with the introduction of tband. It is their first fitness band and can measure heart rate, sleep, steps and even the blood pressure. This product is quite aptly priced at INR 4,999 and is available on

When it comes to design, tband comes with all the simplistic set of design elements and carries a pretty interesting but straightforward look. This gives it a rugged and solid feel when you hold it. This fitness band offers one to switch from the soft black strap that comes with it, to the leather strap (bundled with the pack). tband’s main body includes a 0.96-inch screen which is carved inside a metal frame with a steel buckle.

With tband, there are no physical buttons on it but one can toggle through the various screen readings by tapping on the metal sensor next to the screen. In order to change time and date settings – a user needs to connect it to the thealth app (free; Android, iOS) via Bluetooth. Pairing tband is quite a seamless process – it is easy and quick.

From looks wise, the tband gives a pretty stylish look and the best part is its weight – Yes, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Additionally, it also comes with IP67 rating which means that it is water proof up to 1 metre, but you can’t take it for swims.

The band has got two light sensors at the base of its body for tracking heart rate and it uses the metal sensor next to the screen to calculate blood pressure. While reviewing the product for about two weeks – we calculated the blood pressure quite accurately with this device.

The band is fast to deliver basic functionalities of a fitness tracker – such as steps counter, distance and sleep quality tracker – we comprehensively tested all these functionalities and found the band to be extremely fast and accurate there. And when we compared – the readings were close to the steps and distance data on the Google Fit on the smartphone.

Pretty interestingly, this device can also serve as an alarm and send alerts for long durations of inactivity by users. When connected to a smartphone, tband can provide alerts for incoming calls and messages as well. This is quite helpful while you are doing an exercise or engaged in an activity. And the other advantage of communicating with the app is the fact that it gets access to all the historical data collected by tband.

The iband comes with two light sensors at the base for tracking of your heart rate. This fitness band’s primary highlight is the blood pressure monitor. In order to calculate that it relies on the two sensors on the back and the one on front of it. it becomes important to note that the front sensor of this device uses ECG (electrocardiogram) electrodes while the back sensors use PPG (photoplethysmograph) electrodes to measure PWTT (pulse wave transit time), which is an innovative methodology to measure sudden changes in blood pressure of a user.

In order to determine any change in the blood volume, the PPG electrode first illuminates the skin to see the changes in light absorption. To get the ECG reading, user will have to place their finger firmly on the front facing sensor. And yes, even the slightest of shakes can disrupt the reading of this monitor and ask the user to go through with the process again.

When it comes to battery, tband comes with a good battery backup and while reviewing the product – we used to continuously for three days with a single charge. Charging of this product is quite simple and requires the product to be placed on the magnetic charging dock available with the band.

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