Smart Site Solution: Huawei Helping Carriers Digitize Network Energy Facilities

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At the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017, Huawei Network Energy has launched its smart site solution. The solution will reduce carrier’s deployment costs through digitization, increase efficiency of site deployment and O&M and improve the network energy efficiency of sites, thereby unleashing a carrier’s site potential and maximizing its network value.

Under the theme of Roads to New Growth, Huawei also discussed the way for future growth with carriers and partners at the congress.

“Carriers will achieve new growth through going digital, going cloud and big data mining,” said Guo Ping, Vice Board Chairman of Huawei. According to Guo Ping carriers are at a critical point of transformation. Their growth will be driven by customer value instead of investment. Huawei will go digital and use cloud together with carriers. Apart from helping carriers optimize the existing business and network, Huawei will also help them improve the energy efficiency of facilities and achieve substantial development.

At the congress, Huawei demonstrated the innovative smart site solution and its modular data center energy solution. These solutions will help facilities go digital, be networked and intelligent and bring substantial benefits to carriers. These solutions will increase carriers’ management efficiency by 150%, increase the equipment energy efficiency from 90% to 98%, the site energy efficiency from 60% to 95% and network efficiency from 55% to 75%.

Fang Liangzhou, Vice President of Huawei Network Energy said: “Huawei launches several innovative solutions by combining the network and electronic technology. In the domain of telecom energy, Huawei has solutions to distribute power systems, intelligent power distribution, intelligent energy storage and intelligent temperature control. These solutions will make carrier’s site facilities and components visible, manageable and controllable, and then continuously improve their network quality. As for the data center energy, Huawei launches the smart modular date center solution. Huawei’s unique technologies, like iPower, iCooling and iManager will enable the synergy among systems and components and promote the digital transformation of data center facilities.”

Huawei, a global provider of network energy solution, has deployed its solution in over 170 countries and regions around the world. Together with global carriers and organizations like ITU, Huawei is committed to promoting the digital transformation of networks and the data center facilities of customers and helping them with sustainable development.