Smart Axiata commits $90 million for network expansion


Smart Axiata will invest more than 90 million USD in its mobile network infrastructure in 2021, expanding and improving its network to ensure stable and fast mobile broadband connectivity for millions of Smart subscribers across the Kingdom.

The main focus of the 2021 network infrastructure improvement program will be on enhancing the 4G LTE network for users nationwide while ensuring the network is ready for a major 5G upgrade once the government authorizes the rollout of this latest technology, which will “turbo charge” mobile broadband speeds.

Mobile telecommunication is absolutely essential for elevating Cambodia’s economy into the digital age. Access to 4G is fundamental for subscribers as it enables them to obtain the latest COVID-19 information, run their businesses online, access online education, perform mobile transactions and stay connected with friends and family.

Smart currently operates approximate 3,000 network sites across the Kingdom, allowing its 8 million subscribers to enjoy an exceptional digital experience on its 4G LTE network that covers 91.5% of the population.

By the end of 2021, Smart Axiata plans to add 350 sites to meet the growing demand for robust and dependable connectivity. Besides deploying those additional network sites, existing network sites will receive substantial capacity upgrades too. With the rapid adoption of 4G by Smart’s subscribers, Smart is also progressing to gradually shut down its 3G network in the course of 2021 by repurposing the residual frequency spectrum used for 3G to 4G.

“Investing in critical infrastructure and constantly improving our service for our customers have always been central to Smart’s operations here in Cambodia, and this year is no different, despite the very real challenges of the pandemic. These challenges also drive us to ensure our customers can rely on our network to keep them in touch with others and to be productive, even as they follow social distancing protocols during these difficult times,” said Smart Axiata CEO Thomas Hundt.

“In the coming months, customers will see significant improvements in our network, while we will be able to deliver better online learning, gaming, video, music and overall Internet experiences,” Thomas added.

Smart is not only investing in expanding its network but also in producing clean energy to run its network sites using renewable energy sources like solar power.

As both Cambodia’s digital champion and a fully compliant company operating to the highest ethical standards, Smart has contributed significantly to the Kingdom’s socio-economic growth over the last decade.

As of the end of 2020, Smart has invested 1.88 billion USD in the country while paying 562 million USD in taxes, fees and levies to the nation’s treasury thus far.