Slovakia’s BENESTRA replaces its WiMAX network with RADWIN 5000 JET PtMP Radios


Heralding a new era of telecom network access transformation, RADWIN, a global provider of sub-6 GHz broadband wireless solutions, has announced that telecommunications operator BENESTRA in Slovakia has deployed the RADWIN 5000 JET Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) radios to build an all-new high-speed wireless network in the 3.7 GHz spectrum.

BENESTRA has replaced its WiMAX network with JET in order to provide much greater capacity to demanding enterprise customers. RADWIN’s JET radios powered by Smart Beamforming technology provide high-capacity, reliable connectivity with guaranteed SLAs.


In the first phase of project deployment 140 JET base stations were deployed and 1400 enterprise customers were swapped to the new network in less than 10 weeks.

RADWIN 5000 JET PtMP is the ideal solution for operators seeking to upgrade or replace their 3.x GHz WiMAX networks that cannot fulfill ever-growing bandwidth demands. Providing 250 Mbps, RADWIN 5000 JET radios deliver the highest industry capacity coupled with best spectrum efficiency of 12.5 bps/Hz per cell – boosting network capacity in the scarce 3.5 GHz spectrum. JET has already been deployed by operators in Europe, Latin America and Africa for WiMAX replacement.

Piotr Sieluk, BENESTRA CEO: “RADWIN 5000 JET deployment was extremely fast and simple, allowing us to meet strict deployment timetables. The technology empowers us to deliver 10 to 25 Mbps bandwidth today with the capability to reach higher bandwidths in the future. The JET solutions are also rock stable and future-proof, easily scalable to meet the future capacity demands of our customers. Thanks to the new network we can deliver higher quality and very reliable services to our customers with shortened service delivery times. By incorporating JET technology we have also expanded the range of services and depth of functionalities we can offer to our customers connected through a wireless link.”

Roni Weinberg, RADWIN EVP Global Business & COO: “We’re very proud to play a key role in the build-out of BENESTRA’s next-generation network. Since launching the RADWIN 5000 JET 3.x GHz solution, service providers around the globe have turned to us to provide them with a solution to replace their congested WiMAX networks. For service providers operating in 3.x GHz, RADWIN 5000 JET with Smart Beamforming technology is the most advanced solution, providing a Point-to-Point experience with Point-to-MultiPoint economics. As a leading provider in the BWA market, RADWIN is committed to continuing its investment in providing additional capacity and functionality to our 3.x GHz customers and also enabling them to reduce operational costs.”