SK Telecom Unveils World’s First QRNG-Powered 5G Smartphone


SK Telecom will present the Galaxy A Quantum, the world’s first 5G smartphone equipped with a quantum random number generator (QRNG) in cooperation with Samsung Electronics and ID Quantique.

The company will open pre-order for the Galaxy A Quantum from May 15 to 21, 2020 and officially launch the device on May 22, 2020 in Korea.

The release of the Galaxy A Quantum carries a significant meaning as it enables individual consumers to experience the benefits of quantum security technologies in their everyday lives.

The Galaxy A Quantum is equipped with the world’s smallest QRNG chipset measuring 2.5mm by 2.5mm. This QRNG chipset allows smartphone holders to use selected services in a safe and secure manner by generating true random numbers that cannot be hacked.

Integrated with quantum enhanced cryptography, the Galaxy A Quantum will allow customers to experience advanced security through two-factor authentication (2FA) for T-ID; biometric authentication-based payment for SK Pay app; and a blockchain-based mobile e-certification service named Initial.

T-ID, currently used by 19 million customers, is an integrated login ID that enables customers to use SK Telecom’s diverse services with a single ID. SK Pay is a simple payment service provided by 11st.

Users of the Galaxy A Quantum will go through two-factor authentication (2FA) – i.e. ID login and quantum one-time password (OTP) authentication – when they log in with their T-IDs. By adding OTP authentication as an extra layer of protection, the new QRNG-powered smartphone ensures strong protection for users’ online accounts.

2FA for T-ID is expected to be well utilized as T-ID login is applied to SK Telecom’s 28 services including 11st (online marketplace), T Map (mobile navigation), Wavve (OTT platform), Flo (music streaming), T Membership (subscriber membership) and Nugu (AI platform/speaker).

Customers will also benefit from advanced protection while making payments via the SK Pay app at offline affiliate stores such as convenience stores and restaurants. Going forward, SK Telecom plans to expand the feature to the mobile apps of SK Pay affiliate stores.

By choosing ‘SKT 5GX Quantum’ when storing their biometric authentication information in the SK Pay app, customers will receive an __alert that says “SK Pay is being protected by SKT 5GX Quantum” at the top of the screen, assuring that they are making payments in a safe and secure manner.

Moreover, with the application of quantum security, Initial will offer an added layer of security by creating an encrypted ‘quantum wallet’ when users store their personal certificates (e.g. pass, license, tran__script, graduation certificate, insurance claim documents, etc.) in Initial.

With the aim to constantly develop and expand services based on quantum security, SK Telecom plans to open application programming interfaces (APIs) to developers through SK Open API Portal and support the development of relevant technologies to expand the ecosystem.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom has been making investments in quantum security technologies since 2011, actively developing quantum key distribution (QKD) and quantum random number generators (QRNGs).

Last year, SK Telecom and ID Quantique have been awarded quantum communication network building projects in the U.S. and Europe (EU), and applied QRNG to SK Telecom’s 5G authentication center (AuC) for the first time in the world. Going forward, SK Telecom will expand its footprint in the quantum security business by integrating QRNGs to more devices and networks.

“Securing mobiles phones has become a top priority for mobile operators, who are also looking to generate new revenues,” Says Grégoire Ribordy, co-founder and CEO of ID Quantique. “With its compact size and low power consumption, our latest Quantis QRNG chip can be embedded in any smartphone, to ensure trusted authentication and encryption of sensitive information. It will bring a new level of security to the mobile phone industry.”

“With the release of the Galaxy A Quantum, we are opening a new chapter in the history of the quantum security industry,” said Ryu Young-sang, Vice President and Head of MNO Business of SK Telecom. “We will offer differentiated security solutions to enable our customers to use ICT services in a safe and secure manner in the hyper-connected era of 5G.”