SK Telecom, Korean Police and Road Traffic Authority Partner to Enhance Transportation


SK Telecom announced on November 6 that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Korea National Policy Agency (KNPA) and the Korea Road Traffic Authority (KoROAD) to cooperate in sharing traffic signal information and T Map data and to jointly develop 5G technologies for transportation infrastructure.

SK Telecom will advance its T Map service by utilizing KNPA’s traffic signal information, specifically, by displaying the signal information on T Map routes and enhancing the accuracy of arrival time prediction.

KNPA will utilize the T Map traffic data provided by SK Telecom to upgrade its traffic signal system.

Moreover, SK Telecom and KoROAD will join forces to verify the relevant technologies and to establish a testbed for 5G-based traffic signal system. After the verification, they will apply the 5G network to traffic signal system so that existing traffic signal devices can be transformed into 5G-based infrastructure with reliability and stability.

“We expect to expand our 5G, mobility, and B2B businesses through collaboration with KNPA and KoROAD,” commented Ryu Young-sang, Head of MNO Business of SK Telecom. “SK Telecom will endeavor to secure competitiveness in infrastructure and service for autonomous driving in collaboration with various business partners.”

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