SK Telecom: 5G – Realizing Connected Future with IoT and Network Efficiency


By Zia Askari |

Keeping in mind the ever growing data requirements coming in from various corners of the industry and the way Internet of Things is likely to drive not only consumers but industries towards a connected future.

This future belongs to a 5G era – an era where next generation IoT technologies will script new levels of network efficiency and service delivery for the CSPs and global telecom operators.
Speaking at the recent Mobile World Congress 2016, about the future possibilities in 5G era – Alex Jinsung Choi, PhD, CTO, Head of Corporate R&D Center, SK Telecom explained the importance of current mobile network evolution towards embracing 5G.

Mobile Network Evolution

As a lot of operators are looking at evolving their network to embracing 5G era, it is going to be important for operators to look at incorporating all-IP infrastructure.


“5G will require an All-IT infrastructure to support services such as Virtual Reality and mission-critical IoT services for various industry specific segments. And hence it becomes very important for operators today to start looking at embracing all-IP,” he explained.

Operator’s Perspective on 5G

Today’s operators are ready to transform themselves as experience providers and this is where 5G will help them a lot. The core values coming from 5G deployments will be able to drive operator’s network efficiency to the next level, while delivering unparalleled experience to the consumers.

“The three core values of 5G are customer experience enhancement, realization of new business opportunities, and enabling efficient/intelligent operation toward virtual experience from massive IoT, mission-critical IoT deployments,” he added.

How SK Telecom is Embracing 5G architecture

Software-defined RAN for virtual experience, massive IoT, & critical IoT for value creating network, monetization of network
Openstack/SDN/NFV based Software Defined Access Network with Open Fronthaul Interface

SK Telecom has carried out 5G radio demonstrations and currently building the 5G test-beds

Virtual Experience Center

Virtual experience center is SK Telecom’s effort to secure leadership in 5G era, offering a 5G demo center for customer, and a testbed for service developers.

•5G Based Live Production
4K UHD live broadcasting system’ for 5G without relay equipments(with Sony)

•5G Robot
Teleoperation of 5G humanoid robot by transmitting control signal from motion suit to humanoid

Remote AR

Remote Augmented Reality built with space recognition and gesture/motion sensing technology

•Beyond Surface

Table-top devices offer futuristic experience and independent tasks for multiple users

Immersive Experience Room

Virtual environment through action camera and ultra-low latency streaming equipment