Singtel Unveils ‘Wavee App’ to Take on the OTT Challenge


In its bid to take on the OTT challenge, Singtel, one of the biggest telecom operator in Singapore has launch of Wavee, a next-generation IP-based communications app that allows users to make high-quality voice and video calls, and send instant messages.

Available worldwide, the app is free for anyone to download and use from the Android Google Play and Apple App Store, and unlike many other messaging apps, does not allow advertising.

From today till 9 July, 2015, all local data charges for Wavee usage on Singtel prepaid and postpaid lines will be waived.

Johan Buse, Singtel’s VP for Consumer Marketing said, “People are looking for richer, more seamless and personal ways of communicating. With Wavee, we are giving our customers a holistic, end-to-end service.”

As network conditions can vary between locations, Wavee is able to detect the strength of each user’s network and optimise the call quality for the best experience. Video calls will soon also be equipped with this ability. As the app is hosted on a local telco network, customers are provided with an additional layer of quality assurance. Users enjoy unlimited voice calls as long as they are on a data or WiFi connection.

Seamless multimedia experience

With Wavee, users can:
Make high quality voice, VoIP and video calls, send instant messages and SMSes
Set up chat groups
Attach photos, videos, sketches, audio files and documents to messages
Share a location– either their current location or a place on the map
Multi-task – sending messages and files while on a voice call

Android users have the option to integrate SMSes into their Wavee message inbox – choosing Wavee as their default messaging app directs all SMSes to the app, reducing the need to toggle between the two. Singtel iPhone users will soon be able to enjoy this feature, enabling friends on both platforms to chat using one central inbox.

Fun social interaction features

To up the fun quotient, Wavee features a wide range of specially designed, locally themed stickers, including one with cheeky army-related references. Users can send their friends and family a sketch, choose a photo, file or colour as the background, and easily overlay a border, sticker, text or a freehand sketch.

“Wavee is the first of its kind to combine all these features on one app, with a distinctively local touch,” said Mr Buse. “For instance, it allows users to send files and messages while on a call, which most other similar apps do not.”

Two Wavee updates coming very soon

At launch, both the caller and receiver must have the app to enjoy the free calls which can be placed via WiFi or 3G/4G networks. A new feature that will be available in the second half of 2015 will allow calls from Wavee to any local number.

Free for all to download and use

The app is supported on all devices equipped with Android 4.1 and above, and iOS 7 and above, and is available for free download on the Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store.