Singapore’s Singtel Selects Viptela to Deliver Managed SD-WAN Services


Singapore Telecommunications Limited and Viptela Inc. has announced a strategic partnership to deliver the Singtel ConnectPlus Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service to customers in Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe and the US. Singtel is using the Viptela Secure Extensible Network (SEN) platform to enable its business customers to unify disparate networks, secure their infrastructure and simplify, centralize management.

The two companies are currently working with multiple enterprises in production and production-pilot deployments.

“Demand for hybrid WAN services is growing rapidly, since companies are looking to unify their disparate transport networks and enable a common, secure service across them,” said Amir Khan, CEO of Viptela. “The ability of the Viptela platform to integrate seamlessly and incrementally with existing networks enables Singtel ConnectPlus SD-WAN to deliver any combination of IP VPN, private line and Internet services to any of their customer locations, which can be centrally managed by them.”

“As the leading enterprise data services provider in the Asia Pacific region, Singtel is pleased to partner with Viptela to launch Singtel ConnectPlus SD-WAN. With this innovative service, businesses can take full advantage of hybrid networks through a centralized management console hosted on the Singtel cloud. They will have real time control over network issues such as performance, bandwidth utilisation and security,” said Lee Han Kheng, Vice President of Global Products at Singtel Group Enterprise. “The Singtel ConnectPlus SD-WAN addresses the need for businesses to simply and securely manage different networks as if they are one, and enables them to operate with greater agility and cost efficiency to gain a competitive edge.”

Viptela SEN supports application-aware networking that extends beyond layer 3 capabilities allowing enterprises to optimize their application performance and achieve higher business efficiency. Using the Singtel ConnectPlus SD-WAN service, companies can easily adapt and program their network dynamically, while at the same time increasing their security posture with strong authentication, encryption and network segmentation across all underlay networks.

Viptela SEN provides the following capabilities to power the Singtel ConnectPlus SD-WAN service:

•Disaggregates services (data, video, voice, etc.) from the physical network and builds one overlay WAN irrespective of the number of underlying transport connections
•Provides end-to-end encryption and device authentication to all locations
•Enables granular network segmentation that supports an infinite number of distinct, end-to-end segments for separate lines of business, partner networks, etc.
•Can centrally create, control and enforce policies throughout the network
•Vastly improves visibility and operational simplicity to deliver agile services and high performance applications on the network