Singapore’s M1 New 2Gbps Fibre Broadband Plan

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From gamers and internet surfers to professionals and students, M1‘s newly launched Fibre tariff enhances connectivity in the homes of the digitally driven.

Addressing issues related to network congestion, this new tariff boasts a dual connection. Ensuring unparalleled speed and stability, customers can even dedicate one network as a conduit for bandwidth-intensive applications. Guaranteeing a higher bandwidth capacity and the option to choose their preferred router, M1 reaffirms its ability to upgrade home connectivity with competitively priced Home Fibre Broadband Plans and high-speed fibre broadband.

Catering to Digitally Driven Home Lifestyles

M1’s 2Gbps Wi-Fi bundle and home broadband solutions are designed to meet every modern-day customer’s needs and demands. With hybrid work and learning arrangements fast becoming the norm, these innovative offerings provide complete home coverage for an optimal fibre broadband experience.

Tapping on the digital surge influenced by the pandemic, the combined 2Gbps bandwidth redefines how families work and play. Be it streaming videos in 4K or downloading large files, the super-fast Wi-Fi connection ensures subscribers are never on the receiving end of a disrupted connection or heavily reliant on the bandwidth of one network. Paired with connectivity devices like the ASUS AX88U Wi-Fi 6 router and the ZenWiFi AC Wi-Fi Mesh system, users can also extend coverage and eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots with ease.

Enabling better management of bandwidth utilisation, the dual fibre broadband plan is based on a 24-month contract. At just $59.90/mth, customers have a choice on the bundled router and can leverage the dual mode to improve internet speeds. With two activated ONT ports delivering 1Gbps each, needs for low latency and uninterrupted connectivity are easily attained. Users can dedicate one out of the two connections for heavy gaming and work use, and the other for wireless connection to other devices via a router. M1 also offers single 1Gbps contracts at $39.90/mth, but with 2Gbps dual-connections, customers enjoy savings of $19.90/mth or $477.60 over 24 months.

Improve Digital Experiences with M1

With the launch of the 2Gbps Fibre Broadband package, M1 continues to offer the best possible network experience to all. Power up your home fibre connectivity and ensure your family gets suitable Wi-Fi coverage with the dual fibre broadband plan.