Siklu, BATS Wireless Trial combined EtherHaul 8010FX Radio, OnPoint 5G Antenna Stabilization


Siklu, the global market enabler in 5G mmWave wireless network solutions, and BATS Wireless (BATS), an innovator of wireless stabilization, optimization and tracking systems have announced the successful testing of BATS’ OnPoint 5G antenna stabilization system with radio partner Siklu’s EtherHaul™ 8010FX, a high-throughput, millimeter wave wireless radio, ideal for 5G backhaul applications.

The successful test demonstrates how the OnPoint 5G can help meet or exceed the stability requirements of a high capacity mmWave link.

Siklu and BATS Wireless Announce Successful High Throughput Trials of combined EtherHaul™ 8010FX Radio and OnPoint 5G Antenna Stabilization Solution

Siklu and BATS Wireless Announce Successful High Throughput Trials of combined EtherHaul™ 8010FX Radio and OnPoint 5G Antenna Stabilization Solution

The OnPoint 5G solution is ideal for applications where thermal venting or excessive wind become a barrier to link placement, or in areas where the infrastructure’s rigidity is affected by environmental changes, such as heat and cold cycles. Due to its precise stabilizing ability, the OnPoint 5G has proven successful in helping Siklu deliver stable and reliable millimeter wave links for critical high capacity backhaul links.

During initial testing, Siklu, in combination with BATS, was able to demonstrate continuous connectivity under adverse conditions, with throughput rates up to 10Gbps Full Duplex. This performance is key due to the limited number optimal backhaul sites in most cities, a critical barrier for the deployment of large-area wireless backhaul networks.

The OnPoint 5G also helps Siklu reduce the time of installation by automating the alignment and fine-tuning process for the link. Where normal alignment procedures can take hours, the OnPoint 5G can have a millimeter wave link aligned and online in a matter of minutes.

“The need for ultra-high throughput solutions has increased with the coming adoption of 5G networks. While sensitive to alignment issues, millimeter wave wireless backhaul is one of the most compelling technologies capable of delivering the capacities needed for these cutting-edge networks. We’re excited to show what our stabilizing systems can do to not only eliminate the effects of wind and sway, but also speed up installation time,” says Phillip Cramer, BATS Wireless’ Executive Vice president of Sales and Marketing. “With the BATS OnPoint 5G, Siklu installers only need to get the system roughly aligned in the area, and the OnPoint 5G system will automatically do the rest.”

We are excited to demonstrate how high capacity mmWave systems can be used in conjunction with the OnPoint 5G system increasing the availability of suitable installation sites in urban and rural deployments,” stated David Sumi, Vice President of Marketing for Siklu. “The performance of the BATS system exceeded and maintained the alignment needed to enable these multi-gigabit wireless connections.”

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