Shaw Business Unveils Smart Remote Office Teleworking Gateway

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Shaw Communications Inc. has launched Smart Remote Office, a teleworking gateway that brings the security and functionality of working in the office right to the homes of employees of Shaw Business customers.

“The pandemic forced many businesses to accelerate their remote working policies or build new ones entirely from scratch,” said Katherine Emberly, President, Business, Brand and Communications, Shaw Communications. “After working from home for five months, businesses realize they need technology that can keep their employees securely connected while working with critical files and applications. Smart Remote Office is a solution that ensures businesses can keep control over network security while giving employees a digital experience similar to what that they would get in the office.”

Network Infrastructure

With Smart Remote Office from Shaw Business, businesses can offer their employees a secure, reliable connection directly to the company’s internal network, allowing employees to access the internal applications they need to do their job effectively from home.

Now available from Shaw Business throughout Western Canada for as low as $33 per month, Smart Remote Office offers the following features:

Security – A built-in firewall separates corporate data from employees’ home data, safeguarding company, employee, and customer information.

VPN-Functionality – Using end-to-end encryption, employees can log in the same way they do at the office and automatically gain secure access to internal corporate resources and applications — helping them to do their job effectively while working remotely.

Traffic Prioritization – Businesses can identify the mission critical applications that their employees need access to and ensure they have a consistent, streamlined experience should their internet connection face congestion issues.

Remote Visibility and Troubleshooting – Internal IT teams have a much simpler time troubleshooting employee technology issues by seeing detailed endpoints, networks and traffic usage through a single online portal.

Self-Install – The Smart Remote Office gives businesses a flexible and highly scalable solution to deploy the technology faster without additional IT support. The gateway is shipped directly to the homes of Shaw Business customers’ employees and is ready to be plugged into any wired internet connection right out of the box.

Portability – The compact size of the gateway allows employees to work securely from anywhere that they have access to a modem.
Starting today, customers can also combine the security and optimization of Smart Remote Office with the speed and reliability of a dedicated Shaw Business Internet 75 connection for employees working from their homes for as low as $94 per month. With a separate, dedicated internet connection from Shaw Business, employees can get the bandwidth they need while working at home.

Smart Remote Office can easily pair with many of Shaw Business’ existing products including SD-WAN, SmartSecurity and SmartVoice Mobile Collaborative — bringing the home office experience even closer to the head office.