SHARP set to Launch Full Screen Smartphone – AQUOS S2 in China


SHARP is all set to release its latest full screen smartphone SHARP AQUOS S2, in a product launch event in Beijing on August 8.

It is the 29th full screen smartphone from SHARP, and the first full screen smartphone SHARP introduces to Chinese smartphone market. It will be available on sale in China from August 14.

The latest SHARP AQUOS S2 applies FFD (Free Form Display) technology to dig small holes precisely in the screen for front camera and receiver to offer great user experience of selfie and excellent audio quality together with a screen-to-body ratio as high as 84.95%.

The high screen-to-body ratio makes the 5.5-inch display screen feel like a 5-inch screen body when gripping at hand. The excellent visual effect and comfortable grip will provide unprecedented user experience for customers.

“The core of full screen design is to break through the technology limit, achieve the double sense of holding and visual comfort, and provide the ultimate experience for users.” said Dr. Luo Zhongsheng, CEO of SHARP/InFocus Mobile.

Over the years, SHARP has intensively delved into investigations of full screen technologies. Back in 2013, It launched world’s first-ever full screen phone, EDGEST-302SH, which has a screen-to-body ratio of 80.5% and ultra slim bezels from three sides. It then introduced SHARP AQUOS CRYSTAL product series into the market which applied bone conduction technology and adopted edge reflection approach to accomplish the borderless infinite visual effect in 2014. SHARP has released 28 full screen phones since 2013, which are well received by the market.

100% bezel less screen phone is the ultimate target for full screen smartphone There are several obstacles blocking the development of full screen smartphone, for example, the front camera, front fingerprint identification, receiver.

SHARP AQUOS S2 with three bezels is currently the largest full screen smartphone right now. SHARP will continuously explore in the field of 100% bezel less screen phone and aim to achieve technology breakthroughs in screen and anti-dropping technologies.