Service Innovation | TIM unveils ‘TIMinLIS’ for deaf customers

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On the international day of sign languages and as part of its plan for inclusion and nurturing diversity, TIM announces that from 1 October it will offer a new technical service ‘TIMinLIS’, dedicated to deaf customers.

The service will be available in the technical assistance section of the TIM website and customers will be able communicate with an Italian sign language (LIS) video interpreter and a TIM technician by entering their phone number. The service is provided in collaboration with the company Veasyt, specialised in Italian sign language video interpreting.

TIM, which has always been mindful of inclusion, is also pursuing within the company a structured programme for deaf people, thanks to the adoption of new solutions that allow them to make phone calls, use an online Italian sign language interpreter at any time of the working day, and to receive training and communication within the company in sign language or with subtitles. This means the Company can ensure each employee is able to express their talent by removing all barriers.

With an ample plan of initiatives aimed at inclusion and nurturing diversity, for three years TIM has been recognised as a leader in many indexes that measure companies’ commitment to Diversity & Inclusion matters.

TIM is the leading group in Italy and Brazil in the ICT sector. It develops fixed, mobile and cloud infrastructures and data centres and offers services and products for communications and entertainment, placing itself at the forefront of digital technologies.

The Group uses specialised factories that offer integrated digital solutions for citizens, businesses and public administrations, also in partnership with groups of primary importance: Noovle is TIM’s cloud company, Olivetti is the digital hub with a focus on the development of solutions for the Internet of Things, Telsy operates in the cybersecurity sector and Sparkle creates and provides infrastructure and international services. In Brazil, TIM Brasil is one of the main players in the South American communications market and leader in 4G coverage.