Sepura debuts mission critical LTE communications solution

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Providing mission critical voice and data to public safety and security organisations and drawing on Sepura’s experience in delivering trusted critical communications solutions, the SCU3 vehicle device brings together mission critical communications with expansion capabilities including device-to-device communications, data accessibility and routing functionality.

Steve Barber, CEO at Sepura, commented on the release: “Sepura has long been a leader in providing mission critical solutions to public safety, and the SCU3 is the next step forward in supporting our customers around the world. With increasing demand from the market to integrate data into their operations, the SCU3 complements the TETRA solutions used and trusted by Sepura’s customers.”


The SCU3 features an optional TETRA modem, enabling narrowband voice and data services, whilst also incorporating Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet capability to provide connections to a range of accessories and ancillary systems, creating a mission critical communications hub suitable for today and long into the future.

Paired with Sepura’s Mobile Device Management (SDM) solution, the SCU3 is a complete vehicle communication hub, giving customers a clear upgrade path for their mission critical communications needs.

Built on the market-leading Android operating system, the SCU3 provides compatibility with a wide range of applications. LTE data capability allows the device to power applications such as real-time video to run in the field, and seamlessly processes data-intensive applications to run alongside mission critical voice. Such applications can either be installed on the SCU3 itself or run from external devices tethered via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

The option to re-use existing Sepura accessories means the cost of ownership is minimised and training requirements are significantly lower. Connected by the Sepura Accessory Hub (SAH3) the SCU3 can be connected to a wide range of Sepura and third-party accessories, providing flexibility for vehicle and fixed installations.

Sepura’s Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) gives the driver complete control, with ergonomic buttons designed to enable safe, error-free use in vehicles that may be moving at speed.