SENS launches range of smart connected products in India


SENS, the first wearables brand with 100% Made in India smart devices, has launched a wide range of smart connected products. The company announced the launch of 11 products across categories of smartwatches, TWS earbuds, neckbands, and lifestyle products ahead of the festive season.

Available exclusively on Amazon, the products are going to be available starting September 23rd, 2022, at special limited period launch prices. SENS is backed by Jaina Group that has more than a decade long experience in the mobile, smartwatch, wearable, and consumer durable industry.

Aimed at fulfilling the needs and aspirations of Indian Millennials and GenZ consumers, SENS’ product portfolio features some of the industry-first trademarked technologies for a superior consumer experience. These technologies include – IIC™ (Intelligent Insta Connect) – a feature that lets consumers seamlessly pair their earbuds as soon as they open the lid. With this technology, neckbands are able to connect and disconnect automatically through magnetic earbuds. In addition to that, SVVC™ (Smart Video Voice Connect) significantly reduces latency in select TWS and neckbands and keeps the audio/video in a seamless sync. The third technology is called AFAP™ (As Fast As Possible) which offers a quick charge facility to refuel the device to full capacity in record time, present in select TWS and neckbands under the SENS portfolio. Along with that, the smartwatch portfolio will come featured with latest technologies like AMOLED Display, BT calling, Orbiter, etc.

“The last two years completely changed the way Indians look at technology. The demand for smart devices, particularly that for smartwatches and audio devices grew by manifolds. To cater to this ever-growing demand, SENS committed itself to engineer and design high-quality functional products in line with the evolving needs of the modern Indian millennial. They demand products that are sensible yet sensational and that is the need gap we wish to serve through SENS. Our goal is to solve their everyday problems, and enable them to do more while still being affordable”, said Vidhi Jain, Director, SENS. “Our range of wearables are going to be fully Made in India. As a homegrown brand, we look forward to serving Indian customers with our diverse portfolio of products and are sure that they will see value in our offerings”, she added.

“With SENS, our aim is to declutter the smart wearables and hearables market in the country. Through our campaigns and unique go to market approach, we will be able to reach directly to our target audiences of millennials and Gen Z consumers. We will be leveraging new age mediums and strong digital marketing tactics that directly creates a mindshare with our audiences. Our intent is to create a brand made for and by the customers. We want to make the combination of sensible and sensational THE way to approach smart devices”, said Arihant Jain, Director- Sales and Marketing, SENS.

All SENS products are manufactured in the local production unit located in Gurugram, Haryana. For a seamless after-sales experience, the company has 500+ service centers across the country, which offer seven-day support, a free drop service, and 6 months to one year of warranty on all SENS products.

Additionally, to ensure high-level product quality the brand has a dual lab validation process which ensures all products go through numerous thorough tests before reaching the customers.

All SENS products are designed by in-house teams based out of India and the USA. As an ode to the scientific and creative geniuses of our times, SENS has named all its products after renowned scientists and artists. With interesting names such as Edyson, MJ and Einsteyn, SENS’ products come with advanced AI driven features, coupled with state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge technology, all built by the in-house teams at SENS.

SENS Wearables

The wearables include four different smartwatches with cutting-edge technology and advanced fitness tracking features. All SENS smartwatches are equipped with fitness tracking features including SpO2 & heart rate monitoring and come with unique sports modes and a variety of other features.

A perfect everyday companion, the watches come with high-resolution dials, customizable watch faces and strap options along with IPX 4 and 5 rating water resistance and compatibility with both iOS and Android.

Some of the key models in the category are Edyson 1 and Einsteyn 1.

Edyson 1 : INR 1699 (Special launch price)

An ideal choice for the style conscious consumer, the Edyson 1 smartwatch comes with a premium IPS™ LCD screen display on a large, 4.3 cm (1.7) dial encased in a zinc alloy metal body. The watch also comes with unique AI based voice assistance, besides a diverse array of health monitoring features, including menstrual cycle monitors for female consumers. Edyson 1 will also have a free stylish additional strap as a special launch offer for a limited period.

To manage daily tasks efficiently it also allows users to make and take calls via Bluetooth connectivity and comes with an exceptional battery back-up of up to three days under regular usage and 15 days when on stand-by.

For the health and fitness enthusiasts it is an ideal option as it not only keeps a track of the steps walked but also monitors the heart rate and calories burned throughout the day.

Einsteyn 1: INR 3099 (Special launch price)

The Einsteyn 1 smartwatch is another trendy smartwatch in SENS portfolio of wearables that features a unique robust design for adventure lovers. The watch comes with a crystal-clear AMOLED™ Display, and a sleek 3.5 cm (1.39) dial. Ideal for music enthusiasts on the go, SENS’s Einsteyn 1 can be easily paired with TWS devices, comes with local music storage, and has a built-in mic and speaker.

For easy access it also features remote camera and music control. It comes with advanced health & fitness features such as the SpO2 monitor, sports mode and breathe mode.

Besides these models, SENS has also introduced Edyson 2 (INR 2299), and Nuton 1 (INR 1499) with stylish additional strap and variety of available colors to its smart wearables portfolio.

SENS Audio Products – TWS and Neckbands

SENS’s attractive range of TWS earbuds and Neckbands include seven different models across price brackets, offering a wide variety of options for consumers to choose from. All the products in the category are water-resistant, enabled with voice assistance features (Google and Siri) and are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Select products from the hearables category come with industry-first trademarked technologies and some models also come with advanced audio attributes like Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

Some of the key products in the category include Hendriks 1 TWS Earbuds and MJ2 Neckband.

Hendriks 1: INR 1699 (Special launch price)

Named after the legendary rockstar, the SENS Hendriks 1 is a pair of TWS earbuds that come in gunmetal grey color encased in a metal body. It is the perfect companion for all music lovers and travelers offering a playback time of up to 30 hours and a quick touch response.

With unique features like voice assistance and 10 mm graphene composite drivers it allows for a seamless audio experience to consumers.

MJ2: INR 1199 (Special launch price)

Among the many options available for Neckbands in the market, the MJ2 is the perfect choice for those looking for advanced connectivity, audio and charging features. It comprises of all three trademarked technologies by SENS – the AFAP™ (As Fast As Possible) charge, the SVVC™ (Smart Video Voice Connect); and IIC™ Technology for instant connect (Intelligent Insta Connect)

For an enhanced audio experience, it also comes with Environmental Noise Cancellation, a technology that blocks any external noise, improves sound quality, and helps in protecting the ear.

SENS… the first wearables brand with 100% Made in India smart devices is entering India & looking beyond. The brand entered the market in 2022 with the aim of combining style and functionality for today’s smart device users. SENS’ portfolio features products across categories such as Smart Watches, True Wireless Stereo (TWS), Neckbands, and Smart Bottles. Established with a vision to provide consumers with smart, connected products that are Sensational yet Sensible, all SENS products are designed by the in-house teams based out of India and the USA and are equipped with top-notch features for the everyday hustle with premium designs and aesthetics. The brand’s aim is to cater to the needs of multi-faceted, new-age millennials who want high-quality products that are fashionable and comprise of latest features.