SCTelcom Accelerates Recovery of Cloud Investments with Calix Customer Success Services

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Calix, Inc. has announced that SCTelcom has optimized Calix Marketing Cloud and Calix Support Cloud, in partnership with Calix Customer Success Services, to deliver a full return on their initial investment in just four months.

Calix Marketing Cloud has enabled SCTelcom to better target a service upgrade campaign that has generated an impressive 51.7 percent take rate. The local operator has also reduced internet trouble tickets by 32 percent with Calix Support Cloud featuring Self-Heal.

Finally, SCTelcom is leveraging Calix GigaCenters and 804Mesh satellites to deliver a sensational subscriber experience while driving incremental ARPU. This new managed Wi-Fi offering, which is being offered at $4.95 per month, has been so compelling that SCTelcom has seen an 85 percent take rate among new subscribers, with nearly half of its total subscriber base now enrolled.

SCTelcom works directly with the Calix Customer Success Services team to ensure it maximizes its investment in Calix Cloud. Customer Success Services include custom training and the development of a comprehensive plan based on specific business objectives and ongoing reviews to keep optimizing how service providers use both Cloud Solutions.

These reviews provide customers with ongoing guidance on monitoring milestones and metrics to ensure they are leveraging the insights from the platform to drive optimal business success. SCTelcom has been so thrilled by their experience, they recently signed up for another new cloud offering, Calix Remote Monitoring Service.

“After the immense success of our service upgrade campaign, we are excited to put Calix Marketing Cloud back to work to push toward 100 percent adoption of managed Wi-Fi,” said Carla Shearer, CEO and general manager for SCTelcom. “With the visibility we gain across our network and the reduction in calls coming into our call center, we are planning on pushing a Calix solution to every single SCTelcom subscriber. With these network elements in place, we can further differentiate the services we provide by delivering custom packages based on unique subscriber needs.”

Founded in 1953 with the mission of delivering dependable and affordable telecommunications services to underserved areas, SCTelcom has grown to cover subscribers in rural southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma. As they roll out GigaCenters to all subscribers, adding 804Mesh satellites for broader Wi-Fi coverage as needed, Calix has hosted dedicated marketing consultations with SCTelcom to help them optimize Calix Marketing Cloud to target subscribers who need these services the most. These meetings provided access to the best practices, competitive insights, and industry trends SCTelcom needs to market its subscriber-facing solutions.

“SCTelcom has made significant fiber investments across their network and recognizes the importance of ensuring their subscribers take advantage of this advanced technology,” said Martha Galley, area VP of customer success for Calix. “Calix has a long history of partnering with regional service providers like SCTelcom. Our ability to provide best-of-breed solutions combined with tailored customer success services and marketing consultations enables customer like SCTelcom to maximize their own resources and accelerate their time to value.”