SaskTel, Greenwave Innovations partner to bring energy efficiency solutions to Saskatchewan

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SaskTel is partnering with Saskatchewan’s Greenwave Innovations to offer the company’s energy management and monitoring solutions to businesses across the province.

“It’s very exciting to see SaskTel partner with a company like Greenwave Innovations that’s not only local but is a true leader in helping Saskatchewan businesses maximize their energy efficiency,” said Doug Burnett, SaskTel President and CEO. “Partnering to offer their services helps showcase the leading edge business products and solutions offered by SaskTel, while ensuring the company continues its decade long legacy as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers.”

Greenwave Innovations detailed measurement and verification solutions address all elements of a building’s energy usage including water, electricity, and gas.

This full spectrum approach allows the company to provide clients with real-time data on energy consumption; with monitoring systems that can be designed to capture details as granular as tracking the power consumption from an individual light switch.

This data driven approach arms operations and building managers with the knowledge they need to prevent waste and demonstrate the return on investment that becoming more energy efficient provides.

And, when paired with Greenwave Innovations’ predictive monitoring service, efficiency starts to be about far more than just energy. It grows to include saving businesses time and money by helping them move from being re-active to pro-active with maintenance and avoiding potential equipment failures.

SaskTel has long been considered a trusted technology leader in Saskatchewan and beyond. As such, they were an obvious choice as a partner for Greenwave,” said Dean Clark, President of Greenwave Innovations. “This partnership provides us the opportunity to grow our business and strengthen our product offerings. We will continue to demonstrate that energy efficiency is about far more than being green and helping the environment … our technology and conservation process can impact the bottom line of every business.”

Greenwave Innovations’ energy management and monitoring solutions are also a game changer for companies that have started on a greener path but are struggling to share that part of their story.

“We’ve successfully used Greenwave Innovations solution to monitor energy consumption in the SaskTel Collaboration Centre in Regina,” Said Nathan Wilson, SaskTel Sales Director for Complex Solutions. “With the invaluable kind of data that’s coming in through a system like this, leaders who are struggling to make the impact of their organization’s efforts to be greener meaningful to the public and their employees will be much better positioned to make those gains feel real.”

SaskTel and Greenwave Innovations’ new partnership is another important step in helping Saskatchewan build a greener, more connected, and efficient future.