Sandvine Receives $5 Million In Expansion Orders From Tier 1 Operators In EMEA


Sandvine, a provider of intelligent broadband and network solutions for fixed and mobile operators, has received more than $5 million of follow-on orders from two tier 1 service providers in its European Middle East and Africa sales region. Sandvine received the orders in its third quarter of 2014.

The $5 million in expansion orders represents growth to the operators’ deployments of Traffic Management and Network Analytics.

One of the operators belongs to a Western European operator group that has more than 50 million broadband and mobile subscribers globally and was first announced as a customer in November 2012. Public reports have identified the group as one of the Top 20 telecommunications operator groups globally, by revenue. The current order will expand the operator’s deployment of business intelligence and traffic management, to extend infrastructure lifetime and improve subscriber quality of experience. The current orders are for deployment in the fixed access network in the group’s home country, where the operator has the largest market share.

The second operator offers Internet access in Africa to approximately one-million fixed line subscribers and has been a Sandvine customer since 2008. The operator continues to expand its deployment of Traffic Management, Usage Management and Network Analytics as network usage continues to grow. This investment will also support the future development and launch of innovative service plans to meet the needs of their growing subscriber base.

“Sandvine is dedicated to offering our operator customers business intelligence and policy solutions that scale to meet the demands of growing networks and that help them make strategic business decisions,” said Tom Donnelly, COO, Sales and Global Services Sandvine. “We continue to invest in sales and marketing opportunities in the EMEA region and are pleased to see those investments turning into successes for our customers.”