SANDSIV extends collaboration with Poste Italiane


SANDSIV, the global enabler in Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Voice of the Customer (VoC) enterprise solutions, has been awarded a three-year contract with Poste Italiane, Italy’s leading postal, banking, financial and telecommunication services provider.

SANDSIV was selected after Poste Italiane conducted a lengthy European-wide tender process.

Poste Italiane is Italy’s largest service distribution network. The organization boasts over 160 years of history and a network of approximately 12,800 post offices, 121,000 employees, and over 35 million clients throughout the country.

Throughout its long history, Poste Italiane has been committed to quality service, operating with a customer-first philosophy. As part of this philosophy, security is of utmost importance, and the organization has focused on partnering with service providers who can provide top-notch security systems to protect the company’s information assets and safeguard customers’ personal data.

Earlier this year, Poste Italiane launched a European-wide tender to select their CXM software. All the major players in the market took part in the process. The process lasted several months, and the EY/SANDSIV team was ultimately awarded the tender.

The two companies are no strangers to one other, with Poste Italiane relying on SANDSIV for the previous two years to deliver its CXM services.

“Poste’s successful CXM journey with sandsiv+ stands as a model for the Italian market and an example for any organization that decides to focus on customer experience to boost their business results,” said Mirko Buonerba, SANDSIV’s sales manager for Italy.

“The ability for analytics and in particular NLP (Natural Language Processing), make sandsiv+ a complete solution capable of competing with the biggest players on the market,” said Federico Cesconi, CEO and co-founder of SANDSIV. “What makes me prouder is that our solution was recognized as a high-quality product and for its security, which was exactly what Poste Italiane was looking for. It wasn’t easy, but we have once again shown that if you have a quality product and you work as a tight-knit team, no one can beat you.”

Cesconi also noted his thanks to EY for their collaboration and support and Poste for their confidence in them throughout the entire experience. He further declared SANDSIV ready to take on additional intriguing business challenges in the future.