Safaricom Joins Valuable 500 Disability Inclusion Movement

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Safaricom has joined the Valuable 500, a movement that brings together CEO’s responsible for huge organisations to put disability inclusion on the global business leadership agenda.

The company becomes the first in Kenya and fourth in Africa to join the movement that calls on influential business leaders and their brands to ignite systemic change by unlocking the business, social and economic value of the 1.3 billion people with disabilities around the world.

Over 250 companies across 26 countries globally are now part of the campaign that was launched at the 2019 World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting.

“Operating in a developing nation, we witness first-hand the disproportionate effects of inequality and poverty on People with Disability. Guided by our purpose of Transforming Lives and the Sustainable Development Goals, we are committed to driving the Disability Inclusion agenda in the communities we serve,” said Michael Joseph, Chief Executive Officer, Safaricom.

By joining the initiative, Safaricom has solidified its commitment to elimination of stigma and discrimination, economic empowerment and facilitating the availability and affordability of assistive devices and technologies.

According to the International Labour Organisation and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, countries lose 7% of their GDP due to disability exclusion.

“The technology sector has been enormously supportive of The Valuable 500. We welcome the commitment today from so many high-profile technology companies and celebrate the 250 companies who have pledged to put disability on their board agendas to date,” said Caroline Casey, Founder of The Valuable 500.

“However, much remains to be done. The technology industry has the potential to be one of the greatest enablers when it comes to disability inclusion. I call on all from across the tech, mobile and telecoms industry to join us in prioritising disability inclusion so that Persons with Disability can benefit from the same developing technology, have the same latest devices and live in the same real digital world as everyone else,” added Caroline.

The campaign hopes to have 500 global business leaders and CEOs signed up to the initiative, which is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals to reduce inequalities and create inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities and communities.