RSTOR Enhances Software Defined Cloud Platform


RSTOR, a software defined cloud platform provider that enables enterprises to manage data across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, has announced a series of customer website enhancements that simplify and integrate data mobility and storage management.

“After our new branding was announced, RSTOR took a fresh look at what customers need from cloud service providers and focused the new RSTOR Management Console and support sites on delivering swift resolutions for key tasks and insights that enable enterprise level management of multi-cloud services,” says RSTOR CEO Gio Coglitore.

In September of 2020, the company launched RSTOR Transporter, a solution that enables automated data synchronization across infrastructures and serves as a foundation for multi-cloud virtualization strategies. The RSTOR Management Console for existing customers has integrated RSTOR Transporter with RSTOR Space — an award winning S3 compliant object storage service that is free from egress charges, data access charges, data movement or API charges.

“This integration makes it much easier — and less expensive — for enterprises to move massive amounts of data to and from data centers, private clouds and multiple public cloud destinations,” says Coglitore.

The new streamlined interface includes enhancements that put customers’ most frequent tasks at their fingertips including:

Creating RSTOR Space buckets and objects, uploading and managing massive object stores;

Executing cost-effective cloud-to-cloud-transfers with RSTOR Transporter in a transparent manner, allowing users to track and analyze the movement of data in real-time; and
Managing security, access, users, as well as governance policies, for exclusive RSTOR features like data superpositioning and automatic data replication between buckets.

Self-Service Wizard Available to U.S. Customers

In addition to announcing the new integrated Management Console, RSTOR unveiled a self-service wizard that makes it possible for organizations of all sizes to create accounts that can be funded with a credit card.

This enables customers to immediately manage users, policies and data administration tasks without RSTOR sales or support personnel. This service is currently being released as a beta to customers in the United States.

“The self-service wizard was created in direct response to requests from customers who have found the RSTOR platform intuitive enough to manage on their own. It allows organizations to quickly take control of their data in today’s complex cloud environment. That said, our support representatives are only a phone call — or chat session — away from providing immediate assistance to customers interested in executing more sophisticated data management strategies in the cloud,” says Coglitore.

“RSTOR is continually developing new innovative tools and methodologies that enable enterprises to nimbly move data between on-premises data centers, private-cloud and public-cloud environments,” says Coglitore.