Route Mobile launches Instant Virtual Number to Enable Privacy for Subscribers


Route Mobile Limited, a cloud communications platform service provider, has announced its latest offering – Instant Virtual Number.

Instant Virtual Number (“IVN”) which is integrated with cloud telephony, enables the subscriber to have two numbers – the normal number (“The Primary Number”) and a temporary virtual number (“Secondary Number”) which is the IVN.

To the outside world, the Instant Virtual Number would reflect exactly like a normal number.

IVN is primarily beneficial for privacy as well as the following reasons:

● People who want to publish an advertisement in the newspaper or the Internet;

● People who are concerned about exposing their primary/personal number to consumer outlets, like apparel brands or restaurants

● Female users who don’t want to expose their mobile number to non-reliable parties, like taxi services, loyalty programs, etc.

● It can also be used for entrepreneurs for business purposes such as a separate number for instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Viber).

Rajdipkumar Gupta, MD and Group CEO, Route Mobile said, “Customers/subscriber privacy/confidentiality is of utmost importance to operator networks, yet one of the key concerns raised by their customers. Route Mobile’s Instant Virtual Numbers intends to solve this problem in terms of privacy. An IVN serves consumers with an option to have additional numbers on their existing sim card. Although they would have an additional number which would act as an instant virtual number, it would work exactly the same as that of their primary number. Route Mobile brings you this solution which is aimed at benefiting personal privacy.”

There is effortless switching between the primary and virtual numbers. Moreover, one can schedule the use of the virtual number during a set time period. It is also possible to maintain call/SMS screening lists. One can also request the operator to change the Virtual number and reassign the last used virtual number within a set period of time.

It works on a monthly subscription fee package. The calls and SMS charges are the same as a normal number of usage in the subscription package. The amount for this is deducted or charged to the primary number. The usage and availability of virtual phone numbers are subject to the regulations of the country and the telephone service provider.