Rostelecom Taps Peter-Service to implement unified CRM for Enterprise


Rostelecom has selected Peter-Service to implement unified CRM for Enterprise customers.

In the course of the project implementation, Rostelecom will receive an efficient tool for managing relationship with customers and partners in B2B and B2G segments.

The unified CRM system will enable automation of key business processes in all its seven macroregional divisions and provide the company with a single access point for all corporate customers.

In accordance with the strategy of Rostelecom, the B2B/B2G segment remains one of the promising areas for the future development of the company. To build an efficient framework of relationship with corporate and public customers, the operator needs a unified service platform. For this purpose, Rostelecom is launching a project to implement a unified federal CRM system in all its seven macroregional divisions. Peter Service, the leading Russian supplier of software for CSPs, became the contractor for this project.

Building a federal system for managing services and experience of B2B/B2G customers will enable Rostelecom to automate key business processes in the company. The unified Peter-Service CRM will be an effective tool for managing sales of the operator allowing to control all customer life-cycle stages and ensuring transparency of end-to-end business processes. The switch to a universal platform will enhance internal productivity and performance of the company’s employees. Specialists serving corporate customers will have a possibility to work in a single window.

Peter-Service and Rostelecom have a cooperation track record lasting since 2003. We have already implemented several major federal projects and are starting a new one. We want to achieve ambitious goals: to switch all branches of the company to a unified CRM and to ensure the required integration with other key IT systems including billing. We hope that the unified platform will help Rostelecom streamline customer experience management processes with better efficiency and ensure the needed level of customer service and support”, says Igor Gorkov, CEO, Peter-Service.

“In our large company, it is not possible to develop an equally efficient interaction with B2B customers without a unified CRM. In some of our branches, our customers operate dozens of systems and the number of open windows increases with the launch of new products. What we need is one window which will embrace project pipeline management, collect leads from all input channels, automate processing of sales and service requests for any customers and products. We set the goal to develop this single-window tool two years ago. Now, when we made the choice of the solution, we are almost half way to reaching this goal”, adds Andrey Zimenkov, Head of Department for Regional Development, Rostelecom.

The implementation of CRM for the B2B/B2G segment will consist of several stages. The system is expected to be launched in the first macroregional branch of Rostelecom in autumn 2018. The timeframe of the entire project covering all the branches is two and a half years.

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